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Never alone!

I live in a small town in Southwest Texas.  Prior to the pandemic I had to drive 120 miles one way to attend an AA meeting.  To fill the gaps I would go to online… Read More

I started drinking when I got raped at 16 years old

I took my first drink at 16 years of age after a violent violent attack that left me pregnant with two twin babies. I did not believe in abortion so every day of my life… Read More

The last 6 months I’ve blown up my life.

My drinking has gotten so out of hand that I've left 3 jobs and this week I woke up on the sholder of I10 with the blue lights behind me and the entire driver side… Read More

Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Thank you for sending me the meeting information. I am 15 months sober today. Yesterday was rough. I traveled here because my two daughters planned a trip here and, of course, my need to make… Read More

How a virtual homegroup saved my life

My sober date is July 15, 2022. I have a sponsor and a homegroup. My homegroup is called the Halfway Through Group and it is a virtual group that has transformed my life in many… Read More


I first went to online meetings in 2013, early in recovery, with young children and desperate to get to meetings. The time difference was tricky as they were all overseas-based. I was however very grateful… Read More

My Steppers Journey – 12 Step Committee Member

I arrived on Steppers in January 2018 when a home goup member, Homer M, mentioned the OIAA 12 Step Committee (Steppers) during announcements in our regular, daily meeting. Afterward, I told Homer I would give… Read More

Stepper Stays Sane

The 12th step arm of online AA, Steppers, kept me sane and sober during the pandemic isolation, and is still a valuable tool supporting the healthy habits of service and gratitude. If I ever have… Read More

Stepper in the North Carolina Mountains

Three year ago we moved to the mountains. I had been very active in my AA community for many many years. Up here AA is good, but it is not as active or as involved… Read More

Stepper Uses His Skills to Carry the Message

Working as a "Stepper" the last year or so has been incredibly rewarding. At its most fundamental level, going back to our founders, AA is about one alcoholic helping another and as a result, they… Read More