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I started drinking when I got raped at 16 years old

I took my first drink at 16 years of age after a violent violent attack that left me pregnant with two twin babies. I did not believe in abortion so every day of my life I was reminded of what happened to me so I had to drink in order to forget it. I also took my first puff of a cigarette at 17 years of age for the same reasons. I am now diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder and personality disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and of course alcoholism. I received SSI and SSDI for each and every one of my disabilities especially my alcoholism. I am also ADHD. All of this happened due to the trauma I endured at 16 years of age. This man stole my life from me I have never been able to get over it. I live through it one day at a time but never get over it. The day I was raped was the day I died. My spirit died. But on July 1st 2016 I decided to quit drinking and sit in AA and walk with AA one day at a time. And I have been walking one day at a time with AA for 7 years. And in that seven years Alcoholics Anonymous has helped me to forget about being raped and the pain and suffering I endured all those years ago. Alcoholics Anonymous help me realize I was not by myself. ???????????????????? Thank you for listening and thank you for allowing me to share. oh PS Jehovah God and Jesus Christ are my very best friends. I have had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps. I try to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all my affairs. Thank You