Why Join OIAA – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Why Join OIAA

OIAA is all about service. Service to the alcoholic who still suffers.  Service to our online groups.  Service to our online fellowship.  Why get into service?  Why get into action?  Perhaps Dr. Bob said it best:

I do it for four reasons:

  1. Sense of duty.
  2. It is a pleasure.
  3. Because in so doing I am paying my debt to the man who took time to pass it on to me.
  4. Because every time I do it I take out a little more insurance for myself against a possible slip.
Dr. Bob


Membership in the Online Intergroup is open to all online A.A. groups and all A.A. members. There are no dues or fees for membership. The Intergroup is self-supporting through voluntary contributions of its members.  

There are two classes of membership: voting and nonvoting.

Voting members include each registered online AA group and their current Intergroup officers. Each registered online AA group participating as a member should select an Intergroup Representative (IGR) to exercise its membership. It is suggested that IGRs have at least one year of continuous sobriety and that they be active members of their groups. Groups also are encouraged to select alternate IGRs to act in the IGR’s absence.

Nonvoting members include any A.A. member who wishes to join the Intergroup. He or she may participate in the discussions of the Assemblies, Forums and Workshops,  but may not offer motions or vote.
Membership is not required to list your online A.A. group in the Meeting Directory or to participate on any of our many Service Committees.

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