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Stepper Uses His Skills to Carry the Message

Working as a "Stepper" the last year or so has been incredibly rewarding. At its most fundamental level, going back to our founders, AA is about one alcoholic helping another and as a result, they… Read More

London Stepper

In 2008 I had been sober for 18 years, but due to family commitments I could not attend face to face meetings. I tried online meetings but the meeting I was at was regularly disrupted… Read More

Stepping from North Carolina to Florida

Around 2003 my husband and I built a home in a different state with an eye toward retirement. We began traveling between homes often and sporadically, averaging a dozen trips a year which went on… Read More

Midwestern Stepper

Steppers has made it possible for me to embrace AA's Responsibility Statement in ways I never could before--"when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help" has come to include anyone anywhere in the world! Currently I… Read More

E-stepping..Are We Doing Enough?

Story AAGrapevine, November 2005 You should have seen the funny looks I used to get four years ago when I talked about doing Twelfth-Step work online. The old-timers especially used to look at me as… Read More

Indiana Stepper

My home group has been together since the late 1980s. In 2010, due to family responsibilities some of us were “scattered” to three different states 1000 miles apart. We continued going to in-person meetings, but… Read More

A Stepper’s First Cruise

The best $72 I ever spent was when I bought the internet package on my first cruise in 2017 and I was 7 years sober. I went with about 15 friends, and my roommate was… Read More

Thank God for Zoom

Even before Covid, I lived rurally overseas and used a more basic type of online meeting, as when I was first trying and failing to get sober, my sponsor said to me, 'You Sara have… Read More

Stuck on the train

One time I was traveling on Amtrak and we were stuck on the train. The food cart ran out of everything except alcohol. I was able to join a meeting on my phone and not… Read More

Saving Grace Online

After 8.75 years of sobriety, I found myself decelerating and coasting....and we all know the only direction of coasting is d...o...w...n. So I determined to do 90 in 90 (as well as to put other… Read More