OIAA Chair Report – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

OIAA Chair Report

Chair Report – July 2024: From Where I Serve…

Successful June Assembly!!

For our June assembly, we presented the finalized Internal Financial Review conducted by volunteers. The board reviewed the report at their March board meeting. It was informational only. No voting was required.

Additionally, in accordance with our bylaws,  committee chairs each gave a short report on their activities in the last year. You had the opportunity to learn what service work our committees offer. We have 9 standing committees: 12th-Steppers, 2025 Vancouver Convention Committee, Finance, Technology, CPC or Cooperation with the Professional Community, PIC or Public Information, PAC, or Policy and Admissions, Communications, and Unity. Some hold meetings: each committee has created its own charter with a mission statement and has its own page on our website. Each committee defines its own membership and sobriety requirements. Some committees have active subcommittees. And all would welcome your participation! Thanks for the participation of our committee chairs in reporting their activities to the membership! You are the nuts and bolts of the organization, and we are grateful for all your commitment and work!

27 July 24 OIAA’s 1st Service Fair!

Instead of the IGR Forum in July, and as a follow up to our June Assembly, join us for our 1st Service Fair! The Tech Committee is hosting this event. Come to meet the members of our service committees and board in breakout rooms for each committee! Ask questions and get a taste for what they do here to serve you! Become part of the team, our we of the OIAA circle of love and service. Service facilitates recovery!

July 27 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST, ID:  839 1683 1125, Passcode: OIAA

Committee Service Work:

Convention Committees:  We currently have two committees working on Conventions. The Unity Committee is sponsoring our first OIAA Online International Convention and our standing Convention Committee is gearing up to host the Cybersuite in Vancouver in 2025!

The Unity Committee sponsored 2024 OIAA Online International Convention registration is open!

As of June 28, 2024, we have 500 OIAA Online Convention registrations of A.A. members from 34 different countries. We have reached our first milestone, thank you!

We owe an apology to anyone who was blocked from joining our Online Convention Q & A meetings. Due to technical difficulties our meetings were double booked with another committee’s meeting. We will continue to have them on an as needed basis, just ask and we will make it happen! Please note that our Unity Committee meetings have a new password, Unity.

The OIAA website calendar will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

Please join our international list of convention planning volunteers. Our recent additions are Masood from Iran who is responsible for organizing entertainment for the last hour of October 25; Yvon from Québec who has shared our event in “La Vigne” and other members and outlets in Québec to our French-speaking member;  Bartolo from Spain who is responsible for our sobriety countdown ending the convention on October 27.  This truly is an international event.

We need greeters for the Hospitality Café for one hour each day before the convention begins. Join us! If interested contact:  international.trustee@aa-intergroup.org

Susan, Jeff, and Lesliee in the Communications’ committee are working on providing public information  by building an updatable database to get the message out including  Box 459, ICOAA, GSOs or AA offices around the world and the US/Canada Delegates’ pipelines. We have drafted a message, and the first mailing of information should happen shortly. If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved, contact chair@aa-intergroup.org.

Group tech volunteer training sessions have begun with our Convention Tech Chair, Beth D. She will join groups from Spain and other Spanish-speaking members on June 28. On July 5 & 6 she will train our members from Brazil. Interpreters will accompany her. Does your group need training? Please contact Beth D. unityconvention.tech@aa-intergroup.org

Join us for a virtual trip around the world in celebration of Alcoholics Anonymous and the universal language of the heart. https://aa-intergroup.org/1st-oiaa-online-international-convention/

Vancouver 2025 OIAA Standing Committee is planning the details for the Cybersuite we have hosted at AA’s International Conventions held every 5 years since 1995! Additionally, this committee may plan our own AA birthday celebration on years we do not attend the AA International Convention. You can serve on the committee whether you plan to go to Vancouver or not. But we are also looking for 12-step service volunteers who do plan to attend. For more information about this committee:  https://aa-intergroup.org/committees/conventions/  The next meeting for this committee is 21 July at 2:15 pm ET.  ID: 896 6153 1454 PW:  Convention. Questions, contact me, chair@aa-intergroup.org.

And for more information about Vancouver:  https://www.aa.org/international-convention

Other OIAA Committees in Action:

12th-Stepper Committee:  Steppers is currently chaired by OIAA long timer, DC Dave. Answer the “phone” and get people the help they need. Training is available. For more information, visit their webpage here:https://aa-intergroup.org/committees/12-steppers/

Communications:  This committee is chaired by Lesliee A. Besides in-house informational and instructional video production, art and flier design headed by Randy C., the OIAA Communications Committee also has an Archivist, Paul M. Their committee meets the 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:15 pm ET. More information can be found here:  https://aa-intergroup.org/committees/communications/

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) chaired by Gwen M., with alt-chair Sharon G.,  is holding meetings-the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 pm ET. Look for more information on their webpage:  https://aa-intergroup.org/committees/cooperation-with-the-professional-community/  Get in touch with Gwen more information; cpc.chair@aa-intergroup.org

Finance:  The Finance Committee is chaired by our Treasurer, Jennifer B.  The alternate Treasurer is Felix E.  The committee meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 2 pm ET. In July, it will meet on the 2nd Friday by and Felix will conduct the meeting.  If you have an interest in how we manage and budget our finances or in being part of an internal financial review team, here is the place to serve. The link to their webpage is here:  https://aa-intergroup.org/committees/finance/

PAC or Policy and Admissions: This committee is chaired by Jan BB. PAC is one of the foundational committees groups encounter when they first contact us to list. The Registrar in the Tech Committee is the other. According to PAC’s board approved charter, they do the following:

  • “PAC assists new groups in registering to list A.A. meetings/groups on the OIAA meeting directory:
  • Reviews all new meeting submission forms for compliance in form completion, directory listing guideline compliance.
  • PAC assists new member groups to list Intergroup representatives at time of registration.
  • PAC assists meetings/groups regain their status to be relisted within the OIAA meeting directory or as Intergroup representatives if they have lapsed.
  • PAC assists to resolve complaints and answer questions regarding OIAA directory listed meeting/groups that have been reported.
  • PAC offers OIAA policy/guideline advisories to any interested parties.”

If you have any interest in doing this work, we could use your help. For more information, here is a link:  https://aa-intergroup.org/committees/policy-and-admissions/

The Membership asked, Is OIAA really A.A.? PAC had the answer, absolutely! In 2008, a US/Canada General Service Conference Advisory Action recognized it: 

“The Online Intergroup of A.A. (OIAA) be listed in a new section titled “Online Intergroups” under the section “International Correspondence Meetings” in the A.A. Directories above where “Online Meetings” appear; the listing will include the online intergroup Web site and e-mail addresses.” M-39, Advisory Actions, 1951-2024, Report & Charter, 2008, p. 154: https://www.aa.org/sites/default/files/literature/M-39_Advisory_Actions_1951-2024_M1_0.pdf  And you can find our link on the aa.org website, here:  https://www.aa.org/find-aa .

PIC:  Public Information Committee-answers questions and provides information. Training is available. Contact Mary M., our PIC chair, for more informationpic.chair@@aa-intergroup.org.

Technology: If you have skills in technology and want to participate on our technology committee, they have four active subcommittees:

  • Cloud Admin: implements and maintains OIAA’s cloud services (Google Workspace) and helps support OIAA workspace users.
  • Member Directory Team: administers the updates to the OIAA meeting directory with meeting adds and changes.
  • Tech Steppers: helps with meetings with safety and security information.
  • Zoom Events Crew runs the OIAA workshops, forums and assemblies Zoom rooms.

The Tech committee has set summer hours  and at a slightly earlier hour:   8:00 pm ET.

  • July: July 15th (only meeting)
  • August: August 12th (only meeting )
  • September (2nd/4th Mondays):  Sept 9th, Sept 23rd.

For more information, their webpage is here: https://aa-intergroup.org/committees/technology/


Voting Members and Updating the member directory:

Another update we have made to our website is a clearly marked page to update any changes to IGRs within your groups. It is the responsibility of each group to update any changes in advance of assemblies, so that your vote can be counted. Although anyone can attend the assembly, only elected IGRs or in their absence, the alt IGRs can vote or make motions. Group contacts can come to assemblies, but they cannot vote. Please note, I give a deadline for group changes with every assembly announcement I send out. Please look for this deadline if your group is holding elections. Here is the link for making those changes:  https://aa-intergroup.org/group-rep-update-request/ The link can also be easily found under the IGR Hotlist tab.

For More information about our OIAA group listing guidelines go here:  https://aa-intergroup.org/meeting-directory-guidelines/If you have any additional regarding group listings, contact PAC.chair@aa-intergroup.org.

Open Positions:

Vice Chair

In late April, our Vice Chair, Nona C., resigned for personal reasons. We will miss her and wish her well. We have sent you an announcement of this open position and posted it on the website, here:  https://aa-intergroup.org/documents/vice-chair-of-the-board-of-trusteesbrduties-eligibility-qualifications/  If you have any additional questions regarding this position, contact me-chair@aa-intergroup.org.

What’s Next:

  • July Service Fair- The Tech Committee is planning to fill the IGR forum date with a Service Expo. It will be held on 27 July. Look for more information to come!
  • Techsteppers Quarterly Workshop—3 August 2024
  • OIAA Assembly—21 September 2024
  • OIAA International Convention—25-27 October 2024

Seventh Step and Tradition:

I like considering both the 7th step and the 7th tradition, as service has given me the most perspective in practicing both principles. The 7th step has taught me that I don’t have to be perfect. If I have a good day, I can be a role model for others, leading and not governing- not telling people what to do, but showing people what to do. It also assures me that if I behave badly, my Higher Power will use me anyway. It shows that I am human, and a work in progress. It reminds me that I do not have to be on the High Horse in judging others, that I can be useful with my imperfections. All  those fingers I may point, all point right back at me. If you spot it, you got it! Sometimes I mash up the 3rd, 7th and 11th step prayers, Lord, relieve me of ego and make me willing to serve, use me regardless of my imperfections, and make me a channel of your peace. I may even use these as a mantra for stillness.

But the most profound moment of illumination in service is the 7th Tradition. I realized it did not specifically speak of money—we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Money is the assumed self-support. But so is service. So is supporting your group by opening the door, reading the format, watching the waiting room, raising, and lowering hands, staying after to fellowship, making your contact information safely available—not to troll others, but to help others by giving of your time and passing it on.

We spend a lot of time either providing answers to questions, or providing workshops, or developing leaders through our committee work. We need help to do this and supporting us financially or with your volunteer work is the epitome of practicing the 7th Tradition. Join us!

Thank you for your  support in bringing services to you. Consider making a service contribution to keep the wheels turning and the doors open. Thank you for standing with us in helping the still suffering alcoholic. We are grateful. I am grateful.

Humbly and respectfully submitted,

Susan R

OIAA Chair


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