How a virtual homegroup saved my life – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

How a virtual homegroup saved my life

My sober date is July 15, 2022. I have a sponsor and a homegroup. My homegroup is called the Halfway Through Group and it is a virtual group that has transformed my life in many ways. I live in Ottawa, Canada but this does not stop me from making amazing connections outside of Canada. My sponsor is in Chicago, and she has been taking me through the Steps and been an amazing support in my life. She was a speaker at one of the Women’s Online Groups and I managed to ask her to be my sponsor after hearing her story. I used to go to meetings and not turn on my camera or dare not speak a word. When my sponsor took me to her homegroup and other virtual meetings, I felt so welcomed and fell in love with this beautiful community. One thing that was different about the Halfway Through Group and other meetings I was introduced to is that the members encouraged me to turn my camera on and be present at the meetings. I was called on to speak and this played a vital role in my life. I was encouraged to participate and be a part of. I was able to overcome my fears of being on camera and speaking and this was transformational to me. Today, I am working the Steps and learning how to live sober. I continue to make new friends and be of service to the program that saved my life. Thank you so much Alcoholic Anonymous!