2023 OIAA Board

The OIAA board meets once a month on the second Tuesday.
Contact the OIAA board: OIAA.Board@aa-intergroup.org

OIAA Chairperson Jane G 

OIAA Vice Chairperson Susan R

OIAA Secretary  Jeff B

OIAA Treasurer Brian R

OIAA Technology Chairperson  Mark M

OIAA Finance Chairperson
As noted in our Bylaws the Board will appoint a Finance Chairperson.


2023.02 Chair Report
2023.01 Chair Report


If you have an item that you would like to place on the board meeting agenda, please send an email to OIAA.Board@aa-intergroup.org and it will be reviewed by the OIAA Chair. The OIAA Board meeting minutes and agendas will be linked as they become available.

2023.02.14 OIAA Board Meeting Agenda
2023.02.14 OIAA Board Meeting Minutes

2023.01.10 OIAA Board Meeting Agenda
2023.01.10 OIAA Board Meeting Minutes

2022.12.13 OIAA Board Meeting Agenda
2022.12.13 OIAA Board Meeting Minutes

2022.11.08 OIAA Board Meeting Agenda
2022.11.08 OIAA Board Meeting Minutes

2022.10.11 OIAA Board Meeting Agenda
2022.10.11 OIAA Board Meeting Minutes

2022.09.13 OIAA Board Meeting Agenda
2022.09.13 OIAA Board Meeting Minutes