Thank God for Zoom – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Thank God for Zoom

Even before Covid, I lived rurally overseas and used a more basic type of online meeting, as when I was first trying and failing to get sober, my sponsor said to me, ‘You Sara have to go to any length to get your sobriety. It’s the most important thing you do each day.’ And it applies today. I must put away any closed minded, old ideas, and do life on life terms, and my circumstances, then Covid, meant Online meetings became my reality. I have been so grateful at how adaptable AA was, and Zoom became a reality, so online meetings it was. And of course, I could go anywhere in the world and be filled and contribute even more.

A 6.30 am World of the Spirit meeting has utterly changed my 10th-11th instruction and practice. Wow, who knew the BigBook has actual directions! LOL. And the sharing of how everyone does it has been such a gift to my sobriety. It’s a coincidence but my home group is online. I chose it not because it was online, but because it’s full of oldtimers, and that’s what I need. It happens to be online. I am back overseas so I still get to attend it. And it’s evidence that no matter how many decades of sobriety they have, they have led by example, and adopted this technology as an addition to face to face, which to me, I realized is vital too. I am just so grateful for the choice! What next? Avatar us all sitting in virtual rooms?! Who knows, but if it keeps me sober in AA I’ll try and not judge prior to investigation, and do the next right thing.