London Stepper – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

London Stepper

In 2008 I had been sober for 18 years, but due to family commitments I could not attend face to face meetings. I tried online meetings but the meeting I was at was regularly disrupted . I stopped going and began “drifting” in AA.. I was going to meetings, I had no sponsor… I was sober… but gradually losing my grip. I decided to leave the group because I was getting frustrated.

Just as I left the group a friend contacted me and said.. “before you leave take a look at this service”. She pointed me towards the steppers at OIAA. . I was blown away, every day people were sending messages saying I need help, can you help me? I suddenly had a reason to stay sober, to help in this work… each message brought me back to why I was in AA, and I was working my 12th step on a daily basis, and a lot more besides. I now get far more from this service than I put in, no matter how much work I do on a daily basis. This is what keeps me sane and sober.