OIAA September Chair’s Report – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

OIAA September Chair’s Report

And so, another month of service to our groups…. Your vice chair and I are attending committee meetings; the committee chairs have met with the board. Officers and committees have prepared and submitted budgets for approval to the finance committee, board, and membership at the December assembly. We have sent twelve service members to the National AA Tech Workshop this month, where we are also on the agenda as presenters. The Tech Committee has launched How to Videos on our YouTube channel. Our secretary presented at a Service Workshop in Australia late last month! We are on the agenda to present at the ICOAA (Intergroup/Central Office AA) workshop in Cincinnati October 13-15. At our July Assembly, we approved funds for our secretary to attend. He has told us he cannot attend, so we are proposing a motion to the Assembly in September to send another officer in his place. I will be going to represent you as well. We are learning to communicate, cooperate and collaborate. Read the rest of the report here.