Member’s Stories – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Member’s Stories

We are inviting you to share your personal short stories on how online groups and meetings help you and help others carry the A.A. message to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

How has your participation in A.A. meetings changed or improved? How has your program been strengthened or impacted? How is your knowledge of the A.A. program or A.A. history expanding? Have you seen ways in which your sponsor or sponsee relationships have changed or been enriched? How has your spiritual life grown using phones, computers and the internet? When or how did you first realize that A.A. really works online?

These stories will be displayed throughout the OIAA website, appearing at the bottom of many pages. The stories will automatically rotate each time you refresh or revisit a page. They will also be permanently archived for you to read at any time. SUBMIT A STORY