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Spiritual Experiences

Tonight I want to tell you where I come from and who I am.  I come from love.

You see, even before I was born I knew God and God knew me.  Then I chose the family I wished to be born into. I chose this particular family for their weaknesses because their weaknesses would become my strengths and that was what I had to learn from them.  I chose the body that would be best suited for my earthly experience and I was born.  I was perfect. 10 little fingers, 10 pink little toes, absolutely beautiful and perfect.  And so my human experience began …

As I grew bigger I learned about poverty and heartache.  I learned that there are classes between people but I also learned about love, companionship, support, hard work, pride, survival, happiness, celebrations, traditions, pride, faith and hope.

All of these lessons were confusing at times so god put very clear and memorable markers on my path to help me.

When I was about 14 I woke up one morning and told my mom I wanted to talk about God.  There were things that I didn’t  understand  that needed to be clarified.  We had a big kitchen with a huge window where I sat. The sunlight filled the kitchen from behind me through the window.  I was sitting cross-legged on the built-in bench talking to my mom.  Our Labrador was lying in the doorway.  I remember very clearly that I looked at my mother and said “Well, I want to belong to God through Jesus Christ.”

At that moment the Labrador got up,.  I turned to look at him.  His eyes were red and fixed on me. He started moving toward me and about a metre away from me pulled his body back into a jumping / attacking position.  Something told me in my mind to take my hand and stroke his head, which is what I did.  His entire body went into a spasm.  He looked at me almost as if to say sorry and slinked away out of the kitchen.

When I was around 22 we lived in JHB and I worked on the East Rand.  The highway from JHB at around 7:15 in the morning is jam-packed.  I was driving in the fast lane when a BMW came onto the highway from the left.  It came right over into my lane.  There was nowhere for me to go.  The left was jam-packed, no space in front and cars on my tail.

I suddenly felt huge hands cover mine on the steering wheel and when I looked around me the highway was open.  There was no car near me.  The hands took my car into the left lane.  It was as if I was moved into another dimension, completely out of danger.

I was about 30 and my son was around 3 years.  I bathed him and that night he slept on a mattress next to the bed on my side of the bed.  I  suddenly didn’t feel well and shouted for my husband who found me passed out on the floor.  He picked me up and put me on the bed.  I could feel the life drain from my body as I looked left towards my son.  I said, “Not tonight, God, please!”  I then fell unconscious and felt myself travelling at the speed of lightning through a dark tunnel.  When I finally stopped, my late mom, dad, sister and another soul were standing in very bright light.  I was ecstatic to see them and didn’t want to go back, but my mom told me that I still had work to do.

The next moment I woke up and heard my husband shout, “Oh my God, there is no pulse!”

I weakly told him to get me to a hospital.  Up to and until today they still don’t know what was wrong with me.

These are only 3 memorable events that I have shared with you tonight, but there have been many other encounters along the way.

Much have happened since my reunion with my deceased folks.  I have learned, failed, fallen, forgotten, got up again, learned again and finally remembered who I am.

I am a spiritual being who has chosen to experience a human awakening.

So there are no excuses as far as I am concerned.  I chose this life for myself, so there is no one to blame for my faults or failures.  And that is OK, because now I know that I am me and I am perfect in my own imperfection and imperfect in my perfection.

Thank you for letting me share.