Group Report ForDawn Patrol Online and Dawn Patrol Eighth Meeting – May 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Group Report for Dawn Patrol Online and Dawn Patrol Eighth Meeting - May 2023

Group Information: Dawn Patrol Online (7 am EST daily) and Dawn Patrol Eighth Meeting (6 pm EST Wed) are meetings that arose during Covid when the venue for homegroup closed. The Daily Dawn Patrol Online meeting runs currently with the Dawn Patrol in-person homegroup in Newark, Delaware.

We offer a literature-based, open meetings welcoming both men and women. Online is organized as a standing committee of the whole group and has an elected chair, secretary, and OIAA IG Rep. We share treasurers, GSR and alternate (representing District 5, Area 12) with the live group. The standing committee meets the week before the business meeting of the whole.

The business meeting of the whole group is a live meeting with a remote connection. The online standing committee chair represents the meetings online at the monthly business meeting. The membership of the live group is largely composed of people with time who have been coming to the meeting for years.

It currently has a membership on paper of over 200 members, 15-30 members attend daily. Online meetings consist largely but not exclusively of beginners and passersby. It has a membership of approximately twenty, with 30-50 people attending daily. Increasingly, online is a group of regulars, from all over the world, who are no longer strangers.

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