Group Report For NZ Zoom into the World of the Spirit (WoS) – Nov 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Group Report for NZ Zoom into the World of the Spirit (WoS) - Nov 2023

We are a well attended International online meeting coming out of New Zealand.  Its the 6.30am “Too early for bulls*t” meeting where we focus on steps 10 & 11.

The format is, we read a paragraph every morning from pages 84 – 88 of the Big book. (My first sponsor told me I should be reading these pages every morning once I’d got to step 10!) after the reading we have open sharing.  The meeting is 30 mins (well 25 mins) of sharing concluding with a 2 minute meditation.

We keep the zoom open for as long as needed after the meeting for fellowship and offer breakout rooms for newcomers who are looking to connect or talk to any of the home group members.  After a slow start, this is proving to be quite popular with our newer members.

The meeting starts at 6.30am New Zealand Time so we’re incredibly grateful to our overseas members who stick with us through all the time changes.  Glad thats all done for the next 6 months.  Will be great to see you there – Come along and say hi 🙂

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