Group Report For ESH (the email group at Mylist) – Feb 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Group Report for ESH (the email group at Mylist) - Feb 2024

ESH is one of the oldest online meetings.  There are many long-term sober folks, and we have one or two or more new people join us every month.  We have a sponsor list and have just added service sponsors to the list.  Our topics are wide ranging and, often, emotionally and thought provoking.  The great advantages of the email format (Sunday – lead posting for the week) are being able to connect one on one, saving shares and being able to read them any time.  Of course, more than a few members are not seen frequently but there is a healthy and active membership, living up to our name – sharing Experience, Strength and Hope.

In service,

susan s, IGR

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