Group Report For ESH, email group (mylist) – Nov 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Group Report for ESH, email group (mylist) - Nov 2023

Happy Gratitude month, all fellow trudgers.


ESH began in early online days, and might have saved my life. My early sobriety was enhanced greatly by the easy one on one dialogue I could have with people who shared on the week’s topic, in the email group of ESH.  Also, I liked that I could read the shares any time and repeatedly.  ESH is a healthy group – lots of sobriety and newcomers, old, young, international (mostly Americans, however).  Recently we’ve welcomed some Japanese members, as well as a few others.  There’s a strong, core group and it’s hoping some of the younger members will step up and take some open service positions for the coming new year.  I was the lead share this week, and shared how service has and does keep me sane and sober.

In that sobriety, and in service,

Susan Sch., IGR for ESH

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