How OIAA Works – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

How OIAA Works

The Online  Intergroup is a service entity established pursuant to Tradition Nine of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to operate on behalf of the participating online AA groups in accordance with AA’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts. The Intergroup exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

The Intergroup is a nonprofit corporation, formed on February 24, 1996, organized and existing under the laws of the state of New Jersey. It maintains a registered office and registered agent in the state of New Jersey and complies with the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Law.

The principal responsibilities of the Intergroup are:

  • to promote the unity of online AA groups in accordance First Tradition One
  • to use the internet to carry the message of AA in accordance with Tradition Five
  • to respond to the needs of the online AA groups in accordance with Tradition Nine
  • to provide a central source of information about online AA through a website, directory, and the activities of its members, in accordance with Tradition Eleven

The membership of the Intergroup meets continuously as an Assembly. Any AA member is welcome to participate in the Assembly although voting  privileges are limited to registered online AA groups, acting through their representatives, and current officers. The Assembly elects officers and chairs of its standing committees, who also serve ex officio as trustees. The business of the Assembly is guided by its Bylaws and Operating Guidelines.


Chairperson  (Gwen M.). Leads the Assembly’s business meeting; sets the business agenda; sits as a non-voting member on all standing committees; and is responsible for forming ad hoc committees as needed.

Alternate Chairperson  (Vacant). Acts as Chair in the Chair’s absence and assumes other responsibilities as delegated by the Chair.

Secretary  (Barry M.). Maintains all official OIAA corporate records and presides over elections.

Treasurer  (Brian R.). Maintains the OIAA’s financial records. The Treasurer is a non-voting member of the Finance Committee.

Historian  (Vacant). Maintains an accurate history of the OIAA and conducts an annual Online Intergroup Census.


12th Step Committee   Responds to alcoholics who reach out for help over the Internet. If you need help now for a drinking problem, email the committee. If you’d like to link your AA entity with the OIAA 12th Step Committee, contact us.

Convention Committee  Plans OIAA presence at AA functions.

Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC)Committee   The CPC Committee reaches out to professionals such as those in the medical profession or judicial system with information about AA through pamphlets, exhibits, and direct contacts. The CPC maintains a web page and responds to email inquiries.

Finance Committee  Assists in the development of financial policies and guidelines and works with the Treasurer to develop an annual budget.

Policy & Admissions Committee Assists online AA groups with OIAA membership registration; reviews the Policies and Guidelines documents periodically; and renders advisory opinions on new motions before they are placed on the agenda for discussion and vote.

Public Information Committee  Responsible for communication with the public via literature, presentations, press, radio, films, television, and the Internet. For more information, visit the Public Information page on this site.

Unity Committee & GSO Liaison  Promotes unity between the Online Intergroup and other AA entities such as the General Service Office, Alcoholics Anonymous World Service, Inc., areas, districts, and Intergroups.

World Wide Web Committee  Maintains the OIAA’s website and makes recommendations regarding its content.

Other Contacts

Welcome Committee  Serves as welcomers to help new Online Intergroup members with orientation.

Listkeepers  Maintain the Online Intergroup’s email lists.