Unbudgeted Expense Request – Secretary – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Unbudgeted Expense Request – Secretary

Please allow up to 3 months for approval and please fill in all applicable yellowed boxes.
OIAA Expense Request Not Budgeted
Committee Secretary
Expense Type Projected
Difference Explanation for Request
Accounting/Bookkeeping $0.00
Conference Expenses $1,500.00 $1,500.00 This is the cost for a 2nd person to attend the ICOAA Conference in Cincinnati. This is an important annual Conference between all the local Intergroups in the US/Canada and GSO/Grapevine where many good contacts can be made to assist local Intergroups with issues relating to online groups.
Convention Costs $0.00
Database Maintenance $0.00
Dues & Subscriptions $0.00
Email and Collaboration $0.00
Insurance $0.00
Organizational Fees $0.00
Other Technology $0.00
Professional Fees $0.00
Supplies $0.00
Translation Services $0.00
Video Conferencing $0.00
Website Hosting/Mgt $0.00
Other $0.00
Total $1,500.00 $0.00 $1,500.00
Is the expense once or recurring?
Approximate date of expected expense
Is the above in addition to an original budgeted item?
If so, please explain.

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