OIAA Zoom Security Guide Workshop 14 January 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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OIAA Zoom Security Guide Workshop 14 January 2023

Thank you to the nearly 600 participants who joined us on Saturday Jan. 14th for OIAA’s “Don’t let Zoom Bombers Win” Security Workshop.

Your response to this event was overwhelming and the love and care felt in the room was truly inspiring. Special thanks to Thom R. for providing such an engaging and informative session!

In response to this workshop we have created the Tech Steppers, a Technology subcommittee that provides support to OIAA directory meetings and their attendees for online security and account settings. The Tech Steppers seek to assist groups improve their online safety and security posture and better defend their meetings from potential and active disruptors.

You can listen to the English audio recording of the session below

Thom begins speaking at the 12:28 minute mark.
Thom ends at 51:30
Q&A with participants continues to the end

Depending on the speed of your internet it could take awhile to start playing if you jump forward…

You can listen to the Spanish audio recording of the session below

Our Spanish recording began after the workshop began. We apologize for the technical difficulties.

Here is the Transcript of the Event.

Links from the Workshop:
The Zoom Safety Guide by Thom R.
New updates specifically in response to the recent wave of disruption


We will have sent an email notification to all who made a request for the transcript during the workshop.

We will be continuing to do workshops on Zoom security and other issues and ways of being of service throughout the year.


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