OIAA Safety Workshop 26 August 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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OIAA Safety Workshop 26 August 2023

Thanks for your participation!

Bring your online meeting safety concerns and questions.

OIAA TechSteppers share their Experience Strength and Hope around meeting safety as we continue to work together in unity and discuss ongoing efforts to counter meeting disruptors and protect our meeting space.

Agenda (1 hour)

  • Opening
  • Introduction to Tech Steppers:  Dave W.
  • Tech Steppers- Experience, Strength & Hope Panel
  • Open Discussion w/ Panel
    • Moderator Dave W.
  • Closing

Brought to you by the Tech Steppers, a Technology subcommittee that provides support to OIAA directory meetings and their attendees for online security and account settings. The Tech Steppers seek to assist groups improve their online safety and security posture and better defend their meetings from potential and active disruptors.

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