OIAA GSO Birthday Party June 10, 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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OIAA GSO Birthday Party June 10, 2023

Presentation by Roy C Archivist

Slide 1: I am Roy C, the newly elected Archivist for OIAA. I will be presenting a very short history of AA online and sharing with you some of the benefits I have already received from being a member of OIAA.

Slide 2: Online groups have used various mechanisms to stay connected. There are many creative ways to communicate the experience, strength and hope of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Slide 3: Around 1996 people met on-line using bulletin boards. These were very slow, but they kept AAs in touch when face to face meetings were not feasible. Computer communication was in it’s beginning.

Slide 4: In 1994 on-line AAs began planning to participate in the June 1995 International Convention in San Diego. They saw a great opportunity to meet fellow Alcoholics face to face. Before the convention, a web page was set up and the group coordinated hosting a hospitality suite at the convention.

At the convention flyers were distributed that explained the existence of, how to find, and the benefits of  on-line Fellowship. They also made sure that an on-line connection was available continuously, for those who could not attend the convention. The Living Sober Suite was a resounding success. This resulted in an Intergroup that now represents scores of on-line groups. It has gone through many changes and now exists as described today.

Slide 5: This brings us to the OIAA, the first online, international intergroup with a directory of over 6,000 online meetings all over the world. The meetings are held across national borders and language differences. OIAA also provides service opportunities and information shared by meetings can be found on the events page.

Slide 6: My journey through the OIAA website led me to a wonderful live gathering in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Newly acquainted with OIAA, I went to my web browser and discovered this fellowship program. Quickly I contacted Dave B. and arranged to attend. He was friendly and eager to have me involved. That first morning I awoke in a comfortable room to foggy skies and birds chirping.

Slide 7: After the event in North Carolina I traveled to Dr. Bob’s house. OIAA went with me. From my room I attended scheduled OIAA meetings. There was also access to the many on-line AA meetings from all over the world.

Slide 8: With the internet the fellowship of AA is just a mouse-click away. Now please enjoy a presentation of the many ways OIAA can benefit you.

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