Board Meeting Minutes 13 September 2022 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Board Meeting Minutes 13 September 2022

OIAA Board Meeting Minutes 13 September 2022

Meeting on Zoom Platform and recorded
The Chair opened the meeting at 5:05 pm ET

Board members in attendance:
Gwen McN. Chair
Jane G. Vice Chair
Brian R. Treasurer
Jeff B Alt Secretary
Barry M Secretary

No minutes from August Board meeting were available.
Agenda of 9/13/2022 meeting was provided by Gwen.

Chair Report  
Gwen led a discussion of needed recruitment and communication platforms.

Secretary Report  
Barry reported the completion of the ByLaws Revision effort and next steps leading to  submission of 1023 to IRS for reinstatement as a 501c3 in 4Q22.

Finance Report  
Brian led a discussion of Finance Committee recruitment, transition plan for officer rotation in  4Q22, short-term and long-term infrastructure budgets. As part of Finance report, Jeff reported  on ICOAA meeting he attended. Barry reported on the NATTW meeting he attended. Brian led a  discussion of 7th Tradition distributions needed in 4Q22, and Budget for 2023 to be developed  by Finance Committee and presented to the Board for approval by the General Annual  Meeting(GAM) in December.

New Business 
Brian led a discussion of recent PAC issues and current means to resolve them. This led to  discussion of PAC and Board Guideline and Procedures and need for them.

Mark M joined the meeting at 6:17p ET.

Mark led a discussion about recent PAC issues and need for Guidelines where there is  interaction with other Committees, like Technology and binding fiduciary actions which would  require Board approval.
A discussion of overall need for a Guidelines for all committees was led by Gwen.

A Motion to mandate an Ad Hoc Guidelines Committee to revise Committee Guidelines to  conform to the New ByLaws was made Barry. It was seconded and passed with no opposition.

Jane led a discussion on needed Board Documents and Guidelines including Elections, and  Budget. A communication for volunteers to Guidelines Committee, first meeting announcement  and future communication tools were discussed.

Tech Report
Mark reported that 3 responses to RFP for infrastructure revamp were received and will be  reviewed by Tech and Board members.

Mark led a discussion about AA entity connections on website. Mark will  review with PAC and report to Board.
Mark led a discussion of OIAA Logo submissions and options to have them voted on in GAM in  Dec.
Mark led a discussion of a coming need for Special Workers.

Next meeting is 10/11/2022 on OIAA Zoom platform

Respectfully submitted
Barry Murtaugh Secretary
Transcription of 9/13/22 board meeting not available but recording can be archived for a bit.


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