OIAA Assembly 16 September 2023 Agenda – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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OIAA Assembly 16 September 2023 Agenda

Welcome and Announcement of Quorum

Minutes of June 17, July 29, 2023, Assemblies-vote for approval, Secretary

Treasurer’s Report

Vice Chair’s Report

Tech Chair’s Report

Chair’s Report

New Business

A. Motion to send the Vice Chair to the ICOAA Convention in place of Secretary who cannot attend this year.  The unbudgeted funds request to send the Secretary was approved at the July 29, 2023, Assembly.

B. Presentation by the Vice Chair of the board plan for adding trustees at the December Assembly Election:

  • The Board has this authority per bylaws:
    • Section 3.02:  Composition and Tenure. The Board shall consist of the Officers as described in Article 4 of these Bylaws, certain Committee Chairs, and other elected members of the Intergroup, as determined by the Board from time to time.
    • “A non-officer trustee in a nonprofit is someone that serves on the board of trustees but does not hold an executive position such as chair, treasurer, secretary etc. They play a crucial role in decision-making, providing oversight and ensuring the organization’s mission is upheld. Their responsibilities include strategic planning, financial stewardship and offering expertise to support the nonprofit’s goals. Just like officers, non-officer trustees contribute to the organization’s success by leveraging their skills and experience.” (Further Clarification by Vice Chair)
  • This is informational to the members of the assembly. No Vote is required.
    1. Eligibility & Qualifications for all Trustees:
      • Trustees shall be at least 18 years of age and need not be United States citizens or residents of New Jersey. OIAA suggests that ten years of continuous sobriety is preferable for Trustees, though it is not mandatory. A committed program and leadership experience can enable a member to deal with OIAA growth and its affairs with serenity and ease in problem-solving. Such candidates can bring to the board the quality of decisiveness and the fortitude of their guidance and convictions, along with objectivity and prudence, and are well suited to represent the OIAA board and interpret its actions. A business background or other professional experience is helpful. The Board and Membership are also interested in other skills and qualities that Trustees can offer.
    2. International Trustee
      • The International Trustee serves as a liaison from OIAA to online groups outside the U.S. and Canada. While no Trustee can be said to “represent” a geographical area, this Trustee brings an international perspective to the Board and membership. This Trustee provides insight to the Board regarding the needs of the OIAA international online community and cultivates the spirit of inclusion and unity. This may include recommendations regarding zonal and regional inclusivity. They coordinate and collaborate with Unity and other OIAA Committees as needed or as determined by the Board. The International Trustee provides the Board with pertinent information which may affect our organization and its online presence, utilizing their experience in diverse cultural environments. As our membership grows, additional International Trustees may be added at the discretion of the Board. Being bilingual or multilingual and residing outside of the US or Canada are assets.
    3. Trustee at Large
      • The Trustee at Large will work in partnership with the OIAA Committees to foster     communication, collaboration and avoid duplication of efforts. The Trustee at Large will be available to serve in other areas as determined by the Board. As the membership grows, additional Trustees at Large may be added at the discretion of the Board.

Please submit resumes for these positions to board.oiaa@aa-intergroup.org by November 1st. Check our website for these and other officer descriptions and for a suggested Service Resume Form.

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