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Meeting Announcements

Meeting/Housekeeping Announcements

Thank you for being a part of the March 2023 General Assembly of the OIAA.
Your mic has been muted until you called on to share and then you will be invited
to unmute. Please remember to mute your mic when you are done sharing.
Speaker View/Screen Share

Speaker view will make it easier to focus on the presenter and/or the ASL
Interpreter. If you prefer to see everyone, simply switch your view to Gallery
View. When the presenter is sharing their screen, you can change the size of
their image. For instructions – click here (

During the meeting, the chat will be limited to messages to and from the host and
co-hosts. In addition, links to background documents and other meeting business
will be posted in the chat. Feel free to ask questions at any time by sending a
private chat message to the chat facilitator, whose screen name will reflect that
role. If you have a safety concern, send a message to any co-host.

Real-time audio interpretation is available in Spanish and Portuguese. To hear
the interpretations, you must set your language choice. On a desktop computer,
look for the menu bar at the bottom of your screen, click Interpretation, then click
your preferred language. This will connect you with simultaneous interpretation
from one of our interpreters, while the original audio will play smoothly in the
background. To hear only the interpreted language, click Mute Original Audio. On
a phone or tablet, find the meeting controls, tap “More” or more options, tap
Language Interpretation, and select your language of choice.

When it comes time for questions, please use the “raise hand” function in the
‘Reactions’ menu. On most mobile devices, you’ll find it by tapping “More”. If you
would like to share through our ASL interpreter, please let the interpreter know or
message a co-host. One of the meeting participants has agreed to be our
spiritual timekeeper and will display a countdown clock instead of video. Please
limit your questions to 60 seconds to give everyone who wishes to share a
chance to do so.

Audio Recording
We are recording audio for the record. In the spirit of our 11th and 12th
Traditions, please refrain from using full last names when you speak. Only audio
is being recorded, except for the ASL interpreter. Please do not record or take

We’ve also enabled (text) auto-transcription to make our meeting more
accessible. To turn off the subtitles on a computer, click on the “Live Transcript”
menu button. If you’re on your phone, tap “More,” then tap “Meeting Settings,”
then toggle off “Closed Captioning.”

Thank you
Thank you for being a part of the March Assembly of the OIAA and
contributing your voice and your vote.

  1. Select language with the translator selector (top right corner of screen)
  2. Right click on the page and select Print (CTRL +P)
  3. Select Printer Destination or Save as PDF in the print dialog box