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Finance Committee Charter

**Approved by the OIAA Board. Not yet approved by the Assembly.

Type of Committee:

_X _   Standing Service Committee   ____ Ad hoc Service Committee  

____ Standing Board Committee ____ Ad hoc Board Committee

Mission and Purpose: 

Mission Statement – Ensure donations by OIAA members are utilized responsibly. Through financial responsibility, support of the recovering alcoholic can continue and the A.A. message can be carried to the alcoholic still suffering.

Purpose – To be a resource to the Board of Directors and the assembly in all financial matters.



  • Responsibilities
    • Chairs Finance Committee, prepares agendas, and distributes information.
    • Maintains and reports all financial statements to the committee, board, and assembly at least quarterly.
    • Communicates any significant impacts to the financial health to OIAA.
    • Troubleshoots any financial issues that may arise.
    • Deposits, reconciles, and maintains all financial records.
    • Compiles annual budget and reports for approval to the Finance committee, board, and assembly.
    • Ensures any tax filings and financial registrations are completed.
    • Responds to any matters brought to the committee by the Board, committees, or assembly, i.e., unbudgeted requests.
    • Recommends banking relationships, special workers, and tax advisors.
    • Uploads financial information to the website.
  • Qualifications
    • Knowledge of accounting software, journal entries, bank reconciliations, electronic check deposits, and tax filing for nonprofits.
    • Recommended 3 years of professional financial experience.
    • Recommended minimum sobriety time is 5 years.

Alternate Treasurer

  • Responsibilities
    • Assists the Treasurer with any requested duties as mutually agreed upon.
    • If the Treasurer resigns, is prepared to step into the duties of the Treasurer.
  • Qualifications
    • Knowledge of accounting software, journal entries, bank reconciliations, electronic check deposits, and tax filing for nonprofits is highly desirable.
    • Recommended minimum sobriety time is 5 years.

Finance Secretary

  • Responsibilities
    • Compiles meeting minutes for the Finance Committee.
    • Coordinates with the Treasurer for distribution of information.
    • Uploads agendas, minutes, and reports to OIAA website for transparency.
    • Maintains the list of the committee members.
  • Qualifications
    • Recommended minimum sobriety time is 3 years.

Finance Committee Members

  • Responsibilities
    • Willing to assist the committee with any duties as needed.
  • Qualifications
    • Have at least a rudimentary understanding of finance.
    • Recommended minimum sobriety time is 1 year.

Approval date of the Committee:  7/10/23

Approval date of the Board : ____________________

Approval date of Voting Members: ____________________


The scope of the responsibility and authority of each committee is outlined in a committee charter to be reviewed every two years or as necessary.  While each committee can have different roles, many will have similar roles. For example, each committee will most likely have a committee Chair and a Secretary with similar responsibilities and qualifications. Each committee will have certain roles unique to the mission it has to discharge.

OIAA’s Bylaws Article 5 provides additional committee detail including definitions pertaining to their duration, creation of, dissolution of, record maintenance and reporting requirements.

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