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2024 Budget Compared With 2023 + Notes

Overall Budget Notes Overall Actual & Budget
OIAA, Inc.   OIAA, Inc.
January 2024 to December 2024   January 2023 to November 2023 Actual
      December 2023 Budget  
Account Total   Account Total
Income     Income  
7th Tradition – Group (7TH-GRP) $74,700.00   7th Tradition – Group (7TH-GRP) $64,416.07
7th Tradition – Individual (7TH-IND) $8,300.00   7th Tradition – Individual (7TH-IND) $14,618.22
Total Income $83,000.00 Based upon current revenue trends with a gradual increase. Total Income $79,034.29
Gross Profit $83,000.00 Revenues based on a slight increase from prior year revenues.  Individual contributions have largely been identified as group contributions and currently makes up 10% of contributions.  Quarterly revenues, March, June, September, and December historically have lower revenues.  Groups tend to send contributions the following month or two months later. Gross Profit $79,034.29
Other Income     Other Income  
Other Income (4715) $0.00   Other Income (4715) $0.44
Total Other Income $0.00   Total Other Income $0.44
Less Operating Expenses     Less Operating Expenses  
2025 International Convention Costs (CONV) $800.00 Expense request is for half of the purchase of 2000 lapel pins for the 2025 International Convention.  The other half would be approved in 2025 budget. 2025 International Convention Costs (CONV) $1,748.13
Accounting/Bookkeeping (ACCTNG) $2,400.00 Expense is for possible accounting service work needed.  None is currently identified.  However, there may be an issue that is beyond the Treasurer’s skill set. Accounting/Bookkeeping (ACCTNG) $900.00
      Bank Service Charges (6040) $20.00
Conference Expenses (CONF) $6,000.00 Expense request is for two attendees to NAATW and two attendees to ICOAA.  Tech determines attendees to NAATW and the board determines attendees to ICOAA.  Expenses include airfare, hotel, registration fee, and city per diem rate. Conference Expenses (CONF) $6,960.14
      Contributions – AA GSO $7,070.00
      Contributions – GV Carry the Message $4,713.00
      Contributions – Int’l Lit Fund $4,713.00
      Contributions – TIAA $4,713.00
Convention – Unity (CONVUNITY) $18,660.00 Unity proposes a 3 day virtual international convention in October.  The expense request consists of $10,210 for tech support from Tech12 and interpretation costs of $8650 for 4 languages.  No cost to attendees. Convention – Unity (CONVUNITY) $0.00
Database Maintenance (DBMAINT) $2,500.00 Expense request for Google analytcis review and refresh. Database Maintenance (DBMAINT) $1,800.00
      Dues & Subscriptions (6155) $240.00
      Email and Collaboration (ForumEmail) $100.00
Insurance (6320) $1,099.00 Expense for Directors and Officers Insurance and Liability Insurance. Insurance (6320) $605.00
Mailing/Postage/Printing (MAIL) $250.00 Annual expense for Traveling Mail. Mailing/Postage/Printing (MAIL) $225.31
Organizational Fees (6140) $6,227.00 $42 for charity registration; $150 for registered agent fee; $5000 for possible legal retainer; $500 for board development; and $500 for board source membership Organizational Fees (6140) $191.25
Other Technology (OTHERTECH) $10,000.00 Possible tech projects to be determined. Other Technology (OTHERTECH) $3,044.95
Paypal Fees (PAYPALFEE) $2,490.00 3% of gross revenues for PayPal fees. Paypal Fees (PAYPALFEE) $2,173.82
      Professional Development/Training (PROFDEV) $68.00
Professional Fees (6330) $604.00 Accounting software $42/month and $100 for tax software Professional Fees (6330) $652.03
      Supplies (SUPPLIES) $56.60
Tech Special Worker (TECHSPWORK) $30,000.00 Website admin and maintenance special worker. Tech Special Worker (TECHSPWORK) $18,004.00
Translation Assembly/Board (TRANSASSEM) $9,360.00 Interpreters for 12 board meetings (1 language, $3120); 4 committee chair/board meetings (1 language, $1040); 4 assemblies (3 languages, $3120); and 2 workshops (4 languages, $2080) Translation Assembly/Board (TRANSASSEM) $0.00
Translation Convention (TRANSCONV) $800.00 AA birthday celebration interpreters, 3 languages. Translation Convention (TRANSCONV) $0.00
Translation IGR Forum (TRANSFORUM) $4,160.00 Interpreters for quarterly IGR forum, 4 languages Translation IGR Forum (TRANSFORUM) $0.00
Translation Unity meetings (TRANSUNITY) $6,760.00 Interpretation services for 26 Unity committee meetings. Translation Unity meetings (TRANSUNITY) $0.00
      Translation/ASL Services (TRANSLATE) $6,360.40
Video Conferencing (VIDEOCONF) $2,591.00 Zoom Business account (10 users) plus add ons Video Conferencing (VIDEOCONF) $686.90
Website Hosting/Management (WEB) $7,140.00 Google Workspace, Services, and Cloud Website Hosting/Management (WEB) $5,077.37
Total Operating Expenses $111,841.00   Total Operating Expenses $70,122.90
Total Expenses  $111,841.00   Total Expenses $70,122.90
Net Profit -$28,841.00   Net Profit $8,911.83

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