Update For Policy-and-admissions – Dec 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for PAC - Policies & Admissions Committee - Dec 2023

Policy & Admissions Committee (PAC) Report December 2023

What we do: PAC assists new groups in registering to list A.A. meetings/groups on the OIAA meeting directory: Reviews all new meeting submission forms for compliance in form completion, directory listing guideline compliance, retains meeting/group Traditions statement.

PAC assists new member groups to list Intergroup representatives at time of registration.

PAC assists meetings/groups regain their status to be relisted within the OIAA meeting directory or as Intergroup representatives if they have lapsed.

PAC assists to resolve complaints and answer questions regarding OIAA directory listed meeting/groups that have been reported.

PAC offers OIAA policy/guideline advisories to any interested parties.

What we did: Committee actions from to November 22, to December 31 2023 (40 days  – closing 2023  next report first quarter 2024):

  • New meeting submission forms reviewed: 108
  • New meeting submission forms processed to listed completion: 39
  • Meetings listed with an IGR: 12
  • Outstanding – waiting for reply: 29
  • Declined listings: 3
  • Sent to Steppers: 1
  • Sent to PIC: 0
  • Requested removal: 0
  • Decided Not to List: 1
  • Complaints: 3
  • OIAA policy/guideline advisory: 0
  • Duplicates/Not a Listing/Actually an Update/Hold/Spam/Already Listed:20


  • Adding new IGR’s


  • Encouraging importance of replying to complete listing process.
  • Group members not aware that meeting is already listed.

Thank you for allowing us to serve,

Eldin V. Alt Chair, Jan BB, Chair


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