Update For Guidelines – Aug 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Agenda for Guidelines Meeting - 23 Aug 2023

23 August 23 Full Committee Ad Hoc Guidelines Committee
3pm Eastern Daylight Time
Zoom 810 0074 2990   PW: Bylaws
 Opening Prayer- Please let’s pray to put principles before personalities, for understanding and effectiveness.
 Call to order:      Gwen M
 Roll Call for the Minutes
 New Business:
o Introduction to Master Guidelines Document
 Old Business: (in break-out rooms)
o Elections Section:
 Decide on placement of eligibility statement
 Eligibility statement approved by the Board 19 August, 23 consistent with
 Also review Membership and Intergroup Representatives (IGR’s) section
which directly precedes Elections.

o Finance Section:
 Finish finance section which was presented last week.
o Section One:
 Intro statement, #3 General Provisions and Trustee at Large

 Return to main room at 4:00 Eastern:
o Section Updates
 Elections and Membership/IGR’s
 Finance
 Section One


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