Update For Finance – Jul 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for Finance Meeting - 10 Jul 2023

7/10/23 meeting minutes
Respectfully submitted by Erica K
Open with the Serenity Prayer: 6PM USA ET
List of Those in Attendance
Jennifer B – finance committee treasurer and meeting chair
Felix – finance committee alt treasurer
Erica K – finance committee secretary
Amelia – finance committee member
Susan R – OIAA board chair
Mark – OIAA tech committee chair
J. Barry – finance committee member
Gwen – finance committee member
Approval of Agenda
Jennifer added Unity Unbudgeted Requests question to the agenda.
July 10, 2023 agenda approved.
Committee Secretary
Expense Type “Projected
cost” “Actual
cost” Difference Explanation for Request
Accounting/Bookkeeping $0.00
Conference Expenses $1,500.00 $1,500.00 This is the cost for a 2nd person to attend the ICOAA Conference in Cincinnati. Two people were originally requested but the Finance committee only budgeted for 1. No explanation was given for this reduction. This is an important annual Conference between GSO/Grapevine and local Intergroups where many good contacts can be made to assist local Intergroups with issues relating to online groups.
Convention Costs $0.00
Database Maintenance $0.00
Dues & Subscriptions $0.00
Email and Collaboration $0.00
Insurance $0.00
Organizational Fees $0.00
Other Technology $0.00
Professional Fees $0.00
Supplies $0.00
Translation Services $0.00
Video Conferencing $0.00
Website Hosting/Mgt $0.00
Other $0.00
Total $1,500.00 $0.00 $1,500.00
Approval of Prior Month’s Minutes
Jennifer asked for corrections to the previous month’s minutes.
June minutes approved.
Review of Financial Reports
A Budget Variance (for the month ended June 30, 2023)
Jennifer B noted $4,700+ in revenues, org fee of $60 as final portion to complete
NJ registration, paypal fees associated w/ revenues, professional fees are accounting software, conference expenses NAATW for hotel room, monthly convention costs for 2025 international conference, last month of bookkeeping funding, payment for analytics for the website, $750 of translation services for assembly and birthday translation costs, various technical costs $87, website hosting and management is 1 of 2 payments which will take us to Sept 1.
Mark made note that the variances have been budgeted, and suggested that we
recognize that we will have a spike to accommodate the increase in cloud utility service.
Felix asked for clarification about the increase. Jennifer and Mark explained that
OIAA had previously budgeted $18,000 which covered the associated line items..
B Balance Sheet (for the month ended June 30, 2023)
Jennifer B reports total cash of $86,500. Crude expenses have to do with the
2025 international conference. Current earnings loss is due to last year’s excess
funds being distributed. Equity just under $82,000.
C Contributions (for the month ended June 30, 2023)
Jennifer B reports that 63 different people and groups contributed for June. She
notes that quarterly contributions will be largest contributions; April, July, September, and January.
VI Old Business
A Review of Finance Charter
Jennifer B reports that David helped her edit the format, not content, of the
document. She read the mission and purpose statements and asked for
modifications. Then she reviewed the committee position responsibilities.
Amelia questions job descriptions w/ how the job descriptions align with the
bylaws. Jennifer explains the finance committee guidelines front he guidelines
committee should link to the charter, and that the bylaws are more general. J.
Barry understands that the bylaws should be general enough to last for 20 years where guidelines should last for 2 years.
J. Barry asks where continuity process is available to share with subsequent
board members. Jennifer B explained that PayPal login is with the board, and
that the individual logins w/ the bank and accounting system are in place. Gwen
posted the OIAA bylaws in the chat.
B Alt Treasurer
Jennifer went over the responsibilities & requirements for secretary and
introduced Felix. Felix introduced himself and his AA & finance qualifications
background to the committee.
C Finance Secretary
Jennifer went over the responsibilities & requirements for secretary and introduced Erica. Erica introduced herself and her AA & secretary qualifications background to the committee.
Erica asked for clarification on duties in re uploading to the website. Jennifer said she would begin and email to Melinda to upload to the OIAA finance webpage.
Finance Charter approved.
VII New Business
A Unity unbudgeted request (as above)
Jennifer asked Gwen to clarify if this request is for an official OIAA event. Gwen
has not heard of or is familiar with the definition for an official OIAA event. Mark
has approved the event using the Zoom for the event, yet OIAA tech team will not be staffing the event themselves. Erica asks for clarification in re the name of the event: October 15th 2nd international conference of hispanic, french, and portuguese groups. Amelia suggests that we be aware to not be intrusive into this and other events, i.e. we should collaborate w/out being in leadership. She suggests we adopt vocab to reflect collaboration. Jennifer clarified that lending financial support is unique and must be cognizant of responsibility in funding collaborations. Gwen points out that other groups and efforts have asked for support (non financial) in which OIAA has collaborated without intrusion. Gwen suggested the OIAA board be asked to clarify what is an OIAA event and also to clarify what blanket level of support we offer. Much discussion about details of translation costs and where (online) the event is located and with whom. Amelia suggests that if we can get approval for funding then the funding committee can start moving forward.
Motion: Erica moved to fund the request if the OIAA executive committee defines it as such. Amelia seconded the motion and asked that the request be presented to the membership in July, and/or that it’s presented as a floor motion. More discussion about earlier communications about this business iterm. Motion carried.
Jennifer expressed further concerns, which Susan agrees with – is this a recurring event? Felix will connect with Carlos to clarify whether the group wants to be connected ongoing. Gwen says Carlos’ group will be present at the Unity committee on August 5th and that the issue has been exacerbated for more than 6 months. Jennifer mentioned that she has just recently received a funding request. Amelia speaks to the growing pains of the brief and fast moving transitional aspect of OIAA and it’s worldwide unity; that the board needs to define an official OIAA event. Much discussion following about the importance of reaching the still suffering aloholic, potentials for help/harm, and honoring each committee’s advisement and wisdom.
[The final 22 minutes are specific to what constitutes an OIAA event. It does not seem specific to the finance committee in the particular ask/motion above. Regardless, Erica would be happy to type out the last 22 minutes of the recording if the finance committee thinks it’s pertinent]
B Any other business?
VIII Close with the Responsibility Statement

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