Update For Communications – Sep 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for Communications Meeting - 18 Sep 2023

Monthly meeting OIAA

Communications committee

Minutes 9/17/23

Present: Lesliee A (Chair), Laurie (Alt Chair), Nancy K, Randy C, Jeanine, Dave W, Kit, Susan (OIAA Chair0, Terry (Conventions Chair), Marney

Absent: No one

Lesliee opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer at 10amPacific

Introductions: Everyone introduced themselves and shared where they were, geographically. Some shared their reasons for being interested in being part of the committee.

Documents: Lesliee shared that Laurie will be working on building the Google Drive for the Communications committee and asked if anyone at the meeting was interested in helping with that work. There is a big need for determining the types of documents that OIAA committees need to have open access to and which documents need to be used more carefully.

Videos: Leslie Shared the two videos that are nearing completion: “What is OIAA” and “The Role of the IGR.” The committee viewed both videos and suggestions for improvement were offered:

“What is OIAA”

  • Double check trustees and officers
  • Smooth out history
  • Bring in the call for interpreters and translators sooner

“The Role of the IGR”

  • Participation slide is duplicated take out the 1st slide
  • Use the word “connect” rather than 2-way (Kit)
  • Clarify the difference between IGR and GSR

Jeanine suggested that the “IGR” video be included in a welcome packet. It was suggested that the Communication committee liaise with PAC and Steppers to produce a Welcome packet from all 3 committees. Marney suggested turning parts of the videos into Instagram elevator speeches.

Lesliee shared that she would like to start building relationships with and among the Standing committees by assigning communication committee members as liaisons to the standing committees. This is meant to be unobtrusive. The liaison would simply make note of projects that might impact communications committee workflow, and aid in scheduling new projects.

Lesliee shared that the committee could always use interpreters and translators and accented English, speaking voices for voice overs (accents).

Lesliee shared that now that the OIAA website was up and running the Communications committee would need to periodically, “troll” the website mainly for consistency but also looking for glaring mechanical issues like spelling and grammar. Nancy volunteered to serve in that capacity, for the first round. This will be an ongoing chore for the communications committee.

The meeting ended at 11am Pacific

Next meeting will be October 15 at 10am Pacific

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