Update For Communications – Oct 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for Communications Meeting - 16 Oct 2023

The Communications committee volunteers met. The meeting was very small with 5 in attendance. The What is OIAA video and the “Role of the IGR” were viewed and discussed. Revisions were suggested. The “What is OIAA” video was being prepared to be shown at the Intergroup Association by OIAA Chairperson, Susan. Who later reported that it met with great success and received much praise. Future projects are finding co chairs for this very large committee.

Co Chair floating (able to work across categories)

This co chair will be able to pick up slack in any of the following areas. In addition this co chair will represent the chair at any events the chair cannot attend. This co chair will schedule, chair and attend meetings of the other co chairs, committee chairs or board members, as needed. This co chair will maintain the work schedules for all other co chair activities.

Interpretation and Translation co chair:

This co chair handles requests for services from the Board and committee chairs. Schedules work, processes contracts and invoices, keeps the list up to date.

This is a full time job.

Documents co chair

This co chair meets with committee chairs to design welcome letters, formats and edits, any relevant documents, designs flyers for events. Manages the OIAA document log.

This is a part time job.

Video production co chair- Randy put hi name up for this position and was elected by committee.

This co chair meets with committee chairs to design videos, coordinates the design team, schedules the meetings to make sure work flows, creates scripts and schedules voice over sessions, schedules and chairs review team meetings, manages video revision as needed, monitors the online locations of OIAA videos,

This is a full time job.

Social Media co chair

While the Board are not at this time interested in a social media presence, I promise you that will change. We need someone who can design and update pages on whatever social media finally is approved. It is the updating and monitoring that is a time eater. Social media must always look refreshed.

This is a full time job.

This committee continues to find its path in this new organization.

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