Update For Communications – Aug 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes for Communications Meeting - 20 Aug 2023

Monthly meeting OIAA Comm com

Present: Lesliee A (Chair), Nancy K, Randy R, Taryn, Javier, Jeanine, Dave W

Absent: Laurie (Alt Chair)

Lesliee opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer at 10amPacific

Documents: Lesliee discussed the types of documents that OIAA committees need, Flyers, Welcome letters, formatting longer documents.

Introductions: Everyone introduced themselves and shared their reasons for being interested in being part of the committee.

Videos: Leslie explained the process for working with video teams to develop scripts, working on teams to design 3-4 minute videos, and voices.

Dave presented the first draft of the “IGR” PPT and discussed the process of making the PPT progress.

Convention: Laurie couldn’t make the meeting due to work so Lesliee explained that there will be a 2nd Annual convention that needs support in the form of translators, interpreters and documents.

Lesliee asked everyone to spreading the word about becoming a part of the Communications committee.

Exit surveys in Spanish & English for Assemblies and Forums: Lesliee asked if there was any interest in designing and analyzing these documents.

Lesliee explained that she was working on the 2024 budget for the committee and asked if anyone could point her in the direction of programs/software better than Shutter Stock or PowerPoint, which is what the committee is currently using to make flyers and videos.

Meeting adjourned at 11 AM

Next meeting will be on September 17th 10am Pacific

Zoom 846 7947 5814 Passcode 67996



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