Update For 12-steppers – Jan 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - Jan 2024

January 12 Step Committee (Steppers) Report

Steppers Committee – January  2024

Hello fellow OIAA members –

This is an updated report of inquiries and replies for the Steppers Committee for last month. There are no numbers from last January since we were transitioning to Google Workspace during that time. Upagainst numbers should return in next month’s report.

Steppers Statistics and Comparisons for January


Steppers Statistics 2023
Total Steppers Replies 1614
Total Requests 276
Duplicates 4
Individual Requests 272
Replies per Request 5.93
Steppers Statistics 2023
Total Steppers Replies N/A
Total Requests N/A
Duplicates N/A
Individual Requests N/A
Replies per Request N/A


Requests Distributions 276
Get Help Now Button 213
Contact Us 19
Join OIAA 44



Country Count
Canada 30
Espata 1
France 3
Germany 1
Honduras 1
India 2
Ireland 3
Kenya 1
Marion 1
Mexico 1
Monaco 1
Montclair 1
Namibia 1
Other Country 1
Panama 1
Please Select 7
Portugal 1
Serbia 1
South Africa 34
United Kingdom 9
USA 173
Zambia 1
(Blank) 1
Grand Total 276

From grateful recipients who asked for help this month –

-Greetings and thank you for reaching out to me and providing me lliterature regarding alcohol 

-Thank you for your reply.  I have found it comforting and supportive.

– Hi Mary thank you very much for your help it’s nice to know there is a support group out there to get help finally

-I am an active member of AA and have just over a year of
Sobriety. The zoom meetings are very beneficial to me in my daily life
in Recovery.

Please let us know of any corrections or questions.

In Your Service,

DC Dave

Steppers Committee Chair



Jeff Br

Steppers Committee AltChair


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