Update For 12-steppers – Aug 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for 12 Steppers Committee - Aug 2023

August 12 Step Committee (Steppers) Report

Steppers Committee – August 2023

Hello fellow OIAA members –

As we mentioned in June and July, the new website has presented some key learnings as people around the world reach out to OIAA. Interestingly, not everyone seeking urgent help with alcohol is requesting that by using our “Get Help Now” button. We also received urgent requests through the Join OIAA and Contact Us forms submitted to the Registrar. Therefore, we will break down the requests and show you how we received each one. The easiest way to do that is using tables with the data. Those are below.

From grateful recipients who asked for help this month –

Thank you for reaching out. I realize that I may have seen that I need to make changes before others. Like you, I haven’t lost everything, but I am at a point that I realize I need  to change. I’ve tried to limit my intake in the past with no success. I always fall right back into that familiar routine in that one of the first things I do when I get home from work is get a drink and will generally drink until I go to bed. I realize the need for change and hope that I can find local support to help me facilitate that change. I appreciate your help and support 



I would like to thank you very much for your reply and the links. Just taking this first step of getting in touch with you has me feeling more positive about the future than any time I can remember. I know it won’t be easy and there’ll probably be some bumps in the road, but knowing there are folks like yourself out there to help – folks who truly understand my situation having lived through it yourselves – is such valuable reassurance.



Thank you very much for your reply. It means a lot to me. I did attend a meeting last night other than my hometown and was amazed by how much better I felt. So I am starting to understand taking the steps and taking A. A. For everything it offers. I still have a lot to learn and I understand about the program but I am determined. And feel so much better this week so far and I think god every day for helping me stay sober. Thank you again for being someone to talk to. You have helped more than you will ever know. Thank you.



Steppers Statistics and Comparisons for August

Steppers Statistics 2023
Total Steppers Replies 1302
Total Requests 378
Duplicates 8
Individual Requests 370
Replies per Request 3.52
Steppers Statistics 2022
Total Steppers Replies 1733
Total Requests 491
Duplicates 11
Individual Requests 480
Replies per Request 3.61


Requests Distributions  370
Get Help Now Button 280
Contact Us 29
Join OIAA 61

Country Count

Country  Count
Australia 3
Canada 23
Croatia 1
Denmark 1
France 6
Greece 1
India 3
Ireland 5
Mexico 2
Mongolia 1
Namibia 1
NotGiven 19
South Africa 67
Spain 1
Surinam 1
Trinidad and Tobago 2
United Kingdom 15
USA 216
Yemen 1
Zimbabwe 1
Grand Total  370
Number of Countries 21

Please let Gary or me know of any corrections or questions.

In Your Service,

Mary M.

Steppers Committee Chair


Gary W.

Steppers Committee AltChair


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