Committee Update For Guidelines – Jul 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Agenda for Guidelines Meeting - 19 Jul 2023

19 July 23 Agenda Full Committee Ad Hoc Guidelines Committee

3pm Eastern Daylight Time

Zoom 810 0074 2990   Bylaws

Opening Prayer-Please let’s pray to put principles before personalities-

Call to order:      Gwen M

Minutes from May 17th:

Presentation on drafted answers to Universal Committee Procedures

  • A screen share will review the work completed to date.
  • Input from the committee sub-group over the course of several weeks was captured as well as comments made by ad hoc Guidelines Committee members on 5/17 when the questions were initially shared by Susan R.
  • This will be a working session so please suggest changes if needed at the end of each section.
  • Let’s arrive at consensus so that this document may go to a vote before we adjourn.

Next meeting: Please join us July 26th for Subcommittee break out-work


Attachments: (via email only)

Agenda July 19th

Minutes May 17th

Draft Answers to Universal Committee Procedures


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