Committee Update For Guidelines – Aug 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Agenda for Guidelines Meeting - 16 Aug 2023

16 August 23 Full Committee Ad Hoc Guidelines Committee

3pm Eastern Daylight Time

Zoom 810 0074 2990   PW: Bylaws



  • Opening Prayer- Please let’s pray to put principles before personalities-
  • Call to order:      Gwen M
  • Roll Call for the Minutes
  • Approval of the 9 August Minutes
  • Old Business:
    • Elections Section:
      • Sent to the Board with ad hoc on cc 13 August.
    • Revisit Approved Committee Section:
      • For possible insertion of link to the Universal Questions for Committees
      • Possible insertion of placeholder into section for committee/board interface
    • Finance Section:
      • Review of returned draft from Jennifer B (Treasurer)
    • New Business:
      • Alternate Committee Chair
        • Amelia has accepted my request for help and is willing to serve.
        • Any others willing to serve or opposed?


Attachments: (via email only)

AGENDA 16 August 23…

8-9-23_Ad Hoc Guidelines Minutes

Finance Section of Existing Guidelines (1)


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