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News & Updates

Board Announcement of an Open Position

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees: OIAA is accepting resumes for this position. The deadline for submission of a service résumé for this position is July 1, 2024; send to  The Board will… Read More

Safety Workshop-Thanks for attending

Staying Safe: Keeping pace with disruptors Thanks to the over 100 participants who joined to share your experience, strength and hope around our on-going challenges and solutions in providing a safe and secure online meeting… Read More

Special Convention preview 

We are excited to give you a taste of some of the formats and themes that will be featured in our 2024 OIAA Online International   Convention!  More themes will be added shortly. Formats - speaker… Read More

OIAA International Convention Video

Visit our OIAA YouTube channel to view our newest video introducing the 1st OIAA International Convention. Read More

IGR Forum: 27-April

"Nothing matters more to A.A.'s future welfare than the manner in which we use the colossus of modern communication.  Used unselfishly and well, it can produce results surpassing our present imagination" Bill W. What does… Read More

OIAA International Convention Info & Updates

Our new OIAA Online International Convention page is live! We'll continue posting updates on the Convention page and you can join us for our Online Convention Info & Updates Q&A Zoom meetings -We meet the… Read More

OIAA Convention-Tech Volunteers Needed!

Many of your group's members have graciously volunteered to assist in the tech service during the convention.  Our OIAA International Convention Tech Chair is Beth D. and she is beginning to organize tech volunteer teams.… Read More

Convention participating Group Reminder

For all groups participating in the OIAA International Convention, please remember to email your theme and format for the convention ASAP to Beth A  This information will be showcased when members register for our convention.… Read More

April OIAA Chair’s report

Susan R. has posted the monthly Chair's report for April 1. Please take a look when you have a few minutes and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Read More

New update form for IGRs/Alt IGRs

As many of you have requested, we have added a new form for you to make updates to your group IGRs and Alt IGRs. You'll find access to the new IGR/Alt IGR Update form on… Read More

**OIAA Assembly**

Thank you to all members who joined our Assembly this past Saturday, March 16th...we accomplished a lot together! IGRs or Alt IGRs voted and approved the following items: December Assembly Minutes 50 yes (Unanimous) OIAA… Read More

New Information for your Groups.

March Chair's report. | March Assembly Information | Guideline's Review Session | February Analytics The March OIAA Chair's report is up and available for you to take to your groups. The OIAA 16 March 2024 Assembly information… Read More

OIAA: Your Online Lifeline

Over the course of 2023, as the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (OIAA) was being built into an international organization, the communications committee was trying to develop language that captured the essence of what OIAA is… Read More

OIAA IGR Forum 27 January 2024

The topic for your input at this Forum is “Building Fellowship in your online group“. Quoting our Big Book: “…the fellowship in Alcoholics Anonymous. There you will find release from care, boredom, and worry.” (p52) What does your… Read More

2023 OIAA December Assembly Election Results.

The final 2023 OIAA Assembly was held on Saturday December 16th.  This was an important assembly setting the course for 2024 as the Assembly approved the 2024 OIAA Operating Budget  (see also 2024 Budget Compared With 2023… Read More

The 2023 OIAA Membership Survey is underway!

The 2023 OIAA Membership Survey is underway!  IGRs, Alt-IGRs, Committee Chairs and all Officers & Trustees should have received an email from OIAA Secretary Jeff B on Dec 21st.   Surveys need to be completed by… Read More

2024 Budget compared to 2023 + notes.

Members asked at the assembly for a copy of the 2024 Budget compared to the 2023 Budget. It is linked below and is on the Assembly page and the Finance Committee page. 2024 Budget compared… Read More

December Chair’s Report

You can find the December Chair's Report on the Chair's Page as well as on the OIAA Assembly 16 December 2023 page. Find out what OIAA committees have been up to and get ready for… Read More

Interested in Our Website and Group Numbers?

The Technology Committee has posted a report for December that includes: OIAA Group numbers. Meeting Guide numbers. Page views. Devices used to access the site. Languages used by our users. Locations that the site is… Read More

Find an Alcathon!

There are many upcoming Alcathons listed on our Group Events page. You do not need to be an OIAA Member Group to list an event. Events listed may be online only or Hybrid (in-person and… Read More

New Information for your Groups.

November Chair's Report | October Finance Reports | Election Assembly Information The November Chair's Report and October Finance Reports have been posted. The OIAA 16 December 2023 Assembly information is updated as it becomes available. We will… Read More

October Updates

The October IGR Forum page has been updated with all the links used during the presentations. Welcome To Our New Groups!!! You can upload a Group Report at the bottom of that page and here… Read More

Submit a Member Story

We are inviting you to share your personal short stories on how online groups and meetings help you and help others carry the A.A. message to anyone, anytime and anywhere.  How has your participation in… Read More

New Information for your Group is on the website.

Election Assembly Information | October Chair's Report | 2024 Yearly Budget | Meeting Guide Video We encourage all who are qualified to stand for election. The OIAA 16 December 2023 Assembly information is now available.… Read More

We encourage all who are qualified to stand for election.

OIAA 16 December 2023 Assembly information is now available. Election of OIAA Officers We encourage all who are qualified to stand for election. Officer positions standing for election are: Chairperson, Vice Chair and Treasurer. Please submit… Read More

Calling all Finance folks! 

If you are looking at getting into service and have a financial background, OIAA has a service position for you!  We would like to have an internal audit conducted by a team to start in… Read More

Financial Reports and Minutes for the September Assembly

The 17 June and 29 July Assembly Minutes have been posted on the OIAA Assembly 16 September 2023 page. The Financial Reports for August have been posted on the OIAA Assembly 16 September 2023 page. We hope to see… Read More

OIAA September Chair’s Report

And so, another month of service to our groups…. Your vice chair and I are attending committee meetings; the committee chairs have met with the board. Officers and committees have prepared and submitted budgets for… Read More

Website Walkthrough and Other Videos

We'd like to share a video walk through of all the new layout of the OIAA website. We also have two instructional videos of ways you can participate. Groups can now share their Group Reports… Read More

OIAA Safety Workshop 26 August 2023

Bring your online meeting safety concerns and questions. OIAA TechSteppers share their Experience Strength and Hope around meeting safety as we continue to work together in unity and discuss ongoing efforts to counter meeting disruptors… Read More

August OIAA Chair’s Report

Two topics are in this report: the first deals with our service committees and how our service to you deals with the 9th Tradition-…” directly responsible to those they serve;” and how your service to… Read More

OIAA Chair’s Report

July 2023 In the past month we have had to pivot and find our way back to institutional unity to serve the myriad of groups we are privileged to list on OIAA.  An example of… Read More

Next Assembly: 29 July

Please plan to join the next OIAA Assembly scheduled for Saturday, 29-July at 2pm EST. You can find information on the July assembly page . Looking for the information from the June Assembly?  You can find… Read More

Join Today’s Assembly

Join June Assembly Now Meeting ID: 839 1683 1125 Passcode: OIAA Assembly Agenda June 2023 Welcome and Announcement of Quorum Chair Report Minutes of March 2023 Assembly Website Report Treasurer’s Report New Business   See… Read More

Welcome to the new OIAA website!

We are very proud and grateful to have been part of the conception and creation of this new version of OIAA’s website. We’d like to thank the entire OIAA community for your patience and participation… Read More

June 17th Assembly Information

OIAA Assembly 17 June 2023 The Agenda, Financial Reports and Acting Chairs Report are all available. Please join us : Saturday June  17, 2023 11:00am PT | 1:00pm CT | 2:00pm ET 19:00pm GMT |… Read More

Member’s Stories

We are inviting you to share your personal short stories on how online groups and meetings help you and help others carry the A.A. message to anyone, anytime and anywhere. How has your participation in… Read More

March 18th Assembly Information

OIAA is excited to announce details for our next Assembly scheduled for Saturday March 18th. The complete Assembly Agenda is now available on the OIAA website. OIAA assemblies are open to all who wish to join. Voting… Read More

**IGR Forum-January Archive**

January 28th's IGR Forum proved a great experience for all IGRs and Alt IGRs in attendance.   Watch the IGR Hotlist page for updates on the next Forum scheduled for April 29th All presentations from the… Read More

Next OIAA General Assembly-March 18th

Get info here for the next OIAA General Assembly scheduled for Saturday March 18th OIAA General Assemblies take place quarterly.  Future 2023 General Assembly dates: June 17 | September 9 | December 16 (Election Assembly)… Read More

Security Forum- Archive Page Now Updated

Thank you to the nearly 600 participants who joined us on Saturday Jan. 14th for OIAA's "Don't let Zoom Bombers Win" Security Workshop. Your response to this event was overwhelming and the love and care… Read More

new OIAA Board page

The newly elected OIAA Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  You can view meeting agendas and meeting minutes on the recently added OIAA Board page. Please join us in a tremendous expression… Read More

Assembly Experience Survey

Here are some of the great comments we've received so far, thank you! "It was great to "meet" alcoholics from all over which helps to see the worldwide connections" "It was another affirmation of AA… Read More

General Assembly Update

Thank you to the more than 100 members who attended OIAA's General Assembly on Saturday December 3rd. Not only did the Assembly approve the 2023 OIAA Operating Budget, but also, the Assembly held its first… Read More