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Technology Chairperson – Duties / Qualifications

This is an archive page for the OIAA 3 December 2022 Elections.

Duties & Responsibilities: (From Bylaws, Subsection 4.01(e): Technology Chairperson:) 

  • Leads the effort in providing, supporting, maintaining, securing, and enhancing the essential Information Technology needs of the Inter-group, including:
    • —OIAA Website;
    • —OIAA Meeting Directory; and
    • —Electronic communications (including email, video conferencing, electronic voting and surveys); and file sharing and collaboration
  • Access to and accountability for all OIAA’s payment and contribution collections bank accounts
  • Oversees and maintains any technology-related professional services


  • A sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Understanding and experience in managing IT/Technical related projects and technical teams and resources
  • Understanding and experience of IT/Data Protection, Security and Privacy concerns and measures
  • Expertise or experience in multimedia publishing, technology, digital communications and graphic arts
  • Experience/Understanding of Web-based tools and applications and platforms
  • Experience/Understanding of database and membership management applications and platforms
  • Experience/Understanding of communication and collaboration tools (eg. email programs, video conferencing and shared data)

Communication Skills

  • Ability to organize and communicate detailed technical information in an accessible and understanding manner
  • Effective in communicating principles, plans, and policies in a manner that leads to creation of and participation in service positions
  • Ability to share and transfer information effectively in both written and visual formats

AA Leadership Qualities

  • A sound understanding and appreciation of applying the Steps, the Traditions and the Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous, along with a willingness to consult with others who have a wealth of experience gained through applying these guiding principles successfully to prob-lems
  • Experience in chairing business or service meetings.
  • Experience in group, intergroup/central office, institutional and/or service committee affairs
  • Knowledge of A.A. affairs and of where to find the correct information when the answers are not known
  • The ability to be open-minded and listen to different points of view


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