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Secretary – Duties / Qualifications

This is an archive page for the OIAA 3 December 2022 Elections.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintains the corporate records, including but not limited to: Minutes of all Board, Assemblies, and Special meetings; committee reports; mo-tions, and election results
  • Coordinates with the Technology Chairperson on the electronic storage and maintenance of corporate records
  • Schedules the creation of Ad Hoc Committees to review Bylaws, Certificate of Incorporation, and Operating Guidelines at a minimum of every two years
  • Collects and retains the copies of annual reports and correspondence with government agencies except for those concerning the financial matters that are the responsibility of the Treasurer
  • Access to and accountability for all OIAA’s payment and contribution collections bank accounts
  • Establishes the method for taking the quorum, posts the assembly agenda and distributes the reports and information associated to it
  • Records the results of votes on motions
  • Presides over elections; posts ballots; collects and tallies the ballots; and posts the election results (See Bylaws ff the Secretary is standing for election to an office.)
  • Schedules time with the Chair and Treasurer to review the filing of audit-able financials for tax return preparation to the appropriate parties
  • The Secretary assigns duties and responsibilities to the Alternate Secretary as as he or she deems advisable and agreed upon



  • A sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Experience in group, intergroup/central office, institutional and/or general service affairs
  • Some background in general office work
  • A level of computer knowledge and information technology skills that reflect the intergroup’s communication and record keeping needs
  • Ability to create a record of a meeting that captures the essentials of what happened
  • Excellent Communication skills: Written, Speaking, Listening
  • Leadership qualities – See Concept IX, Twelve Concepts for World Service, pages C27-C32
  • A sound understanding and appreciation of applying the Steps, the Traditions and the Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous, along with a will-ingness to consult with others who have a wealth of experience gained through applying these guiding principles successfully to problems


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