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Descriptions & Qualifications

Standing For Election
We encourage all who are qualified to stand for election.

Anyone who wishes to stand will self nominate at the December 3rd Assembly. Candidates will have 2 minutes to present relevant qualifications verbally. A template to help prepare for qualifying is available. The format is not required; but it may be helpful.

Anyone who has served in an OIAA service position is eligible to serve as an Intergroup Officer. No person may hold more than one Intergroup office at a time, nor may any Officer serve concurrently as Alternate. No officer may serve concurrently as an IGR. All Officers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Duties – Responsibilities – Qualifications
Elections will be held for a two-year term that starts 1/1/2023 for the following Officers.

Vice Chairperson
Technology Chairperson
Finance Chairperson