OIAA Board Meeting Agenda 14 March 2023 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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OIAA Board Meeting Agenda 14 March 2023

OIAA Board Meeting Agenda 14 March 2023


Board Reports/Business 

  • Approval of Minutes   –   Jeff B., Secretary
  • Treasurer  –   Brian R.,
  • Technology Chairperson   – Mark M.
  • Finance Chairperson –     Spencer
  • Chairperson – Jane G.
  • Vice Chairperson – Susan R.


Technology questions – Mark

  1. Does OIAA need copyright protection of its logo?
  2. Does the OIAA website need to maintain a “private” or “members” section to protect specific “sensitive” information from public viewing?

Annual Report Filing – Jeff
OIAA Inc., New Jersey Annual Report Filing

OIAA Archivist – Jane

My name is Roy Cox and I wish to express my interest in the position of Archivist for the OIAA. Your e-mail was received yesterday. I will briefly state my qualifications.

  1. My sobriety date is 9/19/2015 , my home group is Saturday Morning Big Book in Area 45 , District 12 , I have a sponsor and a service sponsor.
  2. In service I have been a GSR twice , DCM for District 12 and currently serve Area 45 as Chair of the Archives Committee. Please see the Archives and History link @ snjaa.org.
  3. Date of birth. 4/21/1952
  4. I attained an Associates in the Science of Nursing degree from Ocean County College , received a Registered Nurse license in New Jersey ( now retired and inactive ) and worked for thirty years for the State of New Jersey in the Mental Health field. I retired as Assistant Director of Nursing at a large Psychiatric Hospital.
  5. My immediate family consists of  two grown sons and a wife of forty six years.
  6.  I have witnessed the evolution of the computer in communications. I have learned to work with the internet to enhance worldwide contact and enjoyed the use of virtual meetings during our recent pandemic. With a love of history and a need to continue to work and learn, I am uniquely qualified to earn this position of service. Please consider my request and continue contact with me.

Yours in Service,
Roy C. Chair of Archives Committee , Area 45 , Panel 72
[personal email address removed from public view]

Get Into Action Committee Vote – Jane

What Other Committee Does OIAA Need?
Treatment Committee
Corrections Committee

Assembly Agenda Motions – Jane
The following motions have been received from an Intergroup Representative:

MOTION: I MOVE that the Board of Trustees recommend to the Assembly amending Section 4.01 of the OIAA Bylaws by deleting the term “Finance Chairperson” from an officer position and propose a plan for expanding the Board of Trustees to include representation of the Committees, including the Finance Committee.

MOTION: I MOVE that the Board of Trustees recommend to the Assembly amending Section 5.01 of the OIAA Bylaws by deleting the sentence These committees are standing in nature.

MOTION: I MOVE that the Board of Trustees appoint Carlos D. (last name removed) to the Board as a Trustee-At- Large and add another non-English-speaking trustee as determined by the Board.

MOTION: I MOVE that the Board of Trustees invite the outgoing Chairperson to join the Board of Trustees for a tenure of one year or as determined by Board.

Disbursement of Funds – Brian
Request for perspectives of Committee Chairs



Board Policies – Jeff
As follow-up work to OIAA’s Bylaws, I have filled in the blanks on the templates and have turned them over to OIAA’s Secretary to circulate for the signatures of all OIAA officers. There are a few items to discuss on the Records Retention Policy.

  • Whistleblower
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Records Retention & Destruction

Grapevine/LaVina Magazine Working Group – Jeff
GV Podcast Episode on OIAA

Guidelines Ad Hoc Committee Report – Susan
Forming Concept XII – How the Board fulfills the Six Warranties

Call for Volunteers – Jane will announce in Monthly Chair Report
You are welcome to tell me about what you like to do and I will be happy to help you by suggesting what you try. Please reply to: chair@aa-intergorup.org

OIAA can only grow at the rate at which its work can be completed. OIAA is in immediate need of volunteers for these service positions:

  • Alternate Secretary
  • Finance Chairperson
  • Alternate Finance Chairperson

Communications Committee Members Needed:
Several members are needed for coordinating written and simultaneous; developing surveys and communicating results; and help design the IGR Forum agenda.

Here is a partial list of service work for which OIAA needs volunteers:

  • People who are knowledgeable in integrating the application of A.A.’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts
  • Communication Specialists
  • Graphic artists
  • Training designers
  • Videographers
  • Presentation script writers

Paid Special Workers
Please help me build a list of individuals who work in the following services:

  • Simultaneous (Oral) Interpreters – American Sign Language (ASL), Mexican Sign Language (LSM), Spanish, Portuguese
  • Translators for written documents – Spanish, Portuguese


  1. Select language with the translator selector (top right corner of screen)
  2. Right click on the page and select Print (CTRL +P)
  3. Select Printer Destination or Save as PDF in the print dialog box