List of Volunteers Needed for OIAA – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

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List of Volunteers Needed for OIAA


IGRs: Please announce the need for volunteers to your groups.

IGRs: there is a PDF of this list available along with the Assembly Agenda. It is designed so that you can insert the full list into the Chat of your meeting.

List of Volunteers Needed for OIAA

OIAA can only grow at the rate at which its work can be completed.
OIAA is in immediate need of volunteers for these service positions:

• Alternate Secretary – Contact:
• Finance Chairperson – Contact:
• Alternate Finance Chairperson-Contact:

You are welcome to tell me about what you like to do and I will be
happy to help you by suggesting what work you might want to try. This
is a partial list of service work for which OIAA needs volunteers

For more information, contact:
• People who are knowledgeable in integrating the application of
A.A.’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts
• Communication Specialists
• Graphic artists
• Training designers
• Videographers
• Presentation script writers

Paid Special Workers
Please help me build a list of individuals who work in the following
services. For more information, contact:

• Simultaneous (Oral) Interpreters – American Sign Language
(ASL), Mexican Sign Language (LSM), Spanish, Portuguese
• Translators for written documents – Spanish, Portuguese


  1. Select language with the translator selector (top right corner of screen)
  2. Right click on the page and select Print (CTRL +P)
  3. Select Printer Destination or Save as PDF in the print dialog box