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Finance Chairperson – Duties / Qualifications

This is an archive page for the OIAA 3 December 2022 Elections.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Sets the agenda for and conducts the Finance Committee Meetings
  • Access to and accountability for all OIAA’s payment and contribution collections bank accounts
  • Leads the Finance Committee to assist in the development of financial guidelines and works with the Treasurer to develop an annual budget
  • Assists standing committee chairs as necessary in the preparation of the committee’s budget for presentation to OIAA’s Treasurer for inclusion in the budget that will be presented to the assembly for a vote.
  • Reviews the budget and financial reports of OIAA
  • Reports to the board on any matters of misuse or misdirection in the use of budgeted funds.
  • Reviews or initiate recommendations that involve finances
  • Stays abreast of the Fellowship’s needs, including annual budgets and income needed to carry out service work


  • A sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Ability to responsibly handle and protect personal information
  • Experience/Understanding of accounting applications and financial reports
  • Experience/Understanding of communication and collaboration tools (eg. email programs, video conferencing and shared data)

Communication Skills

  • Ability to organize, communicate and manage detailed information
  • Ability to relay information via email

AA Leadership Qualities

  • A sound understanding and appreciation of applying the Steps, the Traditions and the Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous, along with a willingness to consult with others who have a wealth of experience gained through applying these guiding principles successfully to problems
  • Experience in chairing business or service meetings.
  • Experience in group, intergroup/central office, institutional and/or service committee affairs
  • Knowledge of A.A. affairs and of where to find the correct information when the answers are not known
  • The ability to be open-minded and listen to different points of view


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