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Chairperson – Duties / Qualifications

This is an archive page for the OIAA 3 December 2022 Elections.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Sets the agendas for the assembly of the Intergroup Representative (IGR) and board meetings
  • Leads the meetings of the board and assembly
  • Rules on points of procedure that arise under the Bylaws or the operating guidelines
  • Decisions of the Chairperson may be appealed in accordance with procedures set forth by the Voting Members
  • Consults with the board and the organization’s calendar of events before setting the date and time of assemblies
  • Provides timely notification of calendar dates and times of assemblies
  • Communicates the Agenda to OIAA’s membership
  • Reviews and edits minutes and communiques before final preparation and distribution to the IGRs and member groups
  • Consults with the Board, voting/non-voting members and committee chairs to identify their wishes to understand how OIAA may best serve the membership.
  • Provides a monthly Chair report on OIAA’s organizational activities to all member groups
  • Serves as a non-voting member of all OIAA standing committees
  • Chairperson is responsible to present the creation of a committee and its Chair to the board for approval (5.06 in Bylaws)
  • Access to accountability for all OIAA’s payment and contribution collections bank accounts
  • Aids the Board in recruiting candidates to fill openings of the unexpired terms of other officers and assists in their mentoring and devel-opment
  • Fills all unexpired terms of other officers and members of the Board of Trustees
  • Collaborates with the Secretary and Treasurer to review the filing of audit-able financials for tax return preparation to the appropriate parties
  • Responsible to report any dereliction, neglect, or other problems to the Board of Trustees for consideration and action thereon
  • Sets the Board agenda for the review of reports from the Secretary or Treasurer prior to the annual filing deadlines.
  • Serves as an advisor to the Chair-elect for a period of not less than two months following election to ensure a smooth transition
  • The Chairperson may delegate responsibilities to the Vice Chairperson as he or she deems advisable and agreed upon


  • A sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Experience in group, intergroup/central office, institutional and/or general service affairs
  • A sound understanding and appreciation of applying the Steps, the Traditions and the Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous, along with a willingness to consult with others who have a wealth of experience gained through applying these guiding principles successfully to prob-lems
  • Experience in chairing business or service meetings.
  • Excellent Communication skills: Written, Speaking, Listening
  • Leadership qualities – See Concept IX, Twelve Concepts for World Service, pages C27-C32
  • Sensitivity to the wishes of the member groups

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