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A Note From The Chair…

To all OIAA Voting and Non-voting Members

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the upcoming December 3rd Assembly and the opportunity to meet in real time!  There will be many attending that I’ve gotten to know who are now considered friends – and for those new members joining their first OIAA Assembly, I’m looking forward to seeing you as you exercise the primary spiritual principles of AA’s Third Legacy, the Right of Decision and Right of Participation. Voting is one way I get to practice the “Right of Decision” found in Concept III. Below, I have added a reference about the Right of Participation.

My prayer on any given day often includes “Lead me where you need me”.  It was slightly over two years ago when the role of OIAA Chair became vacant and Barry M asked me what I thought about standing for the position.  Could it be that I was needed right here, right now? Yes.  And today we need you, your talents, your abilities, your vision and passion!  I encourage you to consider standing for office. Serving as an OIAA Trustee is open to any member who meets the eligibility requirements. (See Eligibility requirements at the end of this message.)

Here is a summary of the December 3rd agenda, which is now available on the website at: [Insert Link]

Quorum-OIAA is legally required to create a record that a quorum of voting members is present before we can conduct business.  Voting members please arrive early and look in the chat for details to confirm your attendance.  Once quorum is confirmed I will move into the items of business:

  • Approval of the Sept 10th Minutes
  • Update on OIAA’s nonprofit status – Barry M, Secretary
  • 2023 Budget Presentation – Brain R, Treasurer
  • Budget Discussion & Vote – Gwen M, Chair
  • Officer Elections – Barry M, Secretary

Now, about the Right of Participation…….Near the end of the essay on Concept IV is a passage that feels relevant at this time.

There is another good reason for “participation,” and this one has to do with our spiritual needs. All of us deeply desire to belong. We want an A.A. relation of brotherly partnership. It is our shining ideal that the “spiritual corporation” of A.A. should never include any members who are regarded as “second class.”   (Twelve Concepts for World Service, page C15.)

In OIAA, I found my tribe – I belong. For me, participating in our online intergroup at this level has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  Service here has kept me in the middle of A.A. and provided untold opportunities for growth and learning.  Thank you for being my teachers!

And thank you for participating in the business of OIAA!  I’ll see you on December 3rd!

In love and service,

Gwen M


From OIAA’s Bylaws:

Section 4.02. Eligibility.
Anyone who has served in an OIAA service position is eligible to serve as an Intergroup Officer.
No person may hold more than one Intergroup office at a time, nor may any Officer serve concurrently as an Alternate. No Officer may serve concurrently as an IGR.  All Officers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

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