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1.28.2023 – IGR Forum Agenda

IGR Forum January 28th, 2023

2pm EST | 1pm CST | 11am PST

The Forum will open an hour early for an orientation on OIAA Assembly procedures.

Building Fellowship: Anytime, Anywhere – For Everyone

Come join your fellow OIAA IGRs!
OIAA’s IGR Forums are held on the last Saturday of the first month of each quarter (January – April – July – September)
email igrworkshops@aa-intergroup for more information


1.  Welcome and Opening   Jane G., OIAA Chairperson
2.  New Officer Introductions   Jane G., OIAA Chairperson
3.  IGR Orientation –      Welcome Letter –      Key Events (Budget, Assemblies, Elections)   Jeff B., OIAA Secretary OIAA Overview Committee Overview
4.  Committee Presentations    
a.  Public Information (PIC) / Cooperation with Professional Communiuty   Jon H., PI Chair Paula D., CPC Chair  
b.  Technology committee   Mark M., Technology, Chair
5.  IGR Participant Sharing and Questions Session   Amy B., Unity Chair, Moderator
6.  IGR Reports to Your Group   Felix E., IGR, Men’s Primary Purpose of Westport
7.   Closing Remarks   Jane G., OIAA Chairperson

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