Update For Technology – Jun 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for Technology Committee - Jun 2024

OIAA Technology Committee

Annual Committee Report

June 2024

Bi-weekly Monday Committee meetings: 8:00pm EST

Committee: oiaa.tech@aa-intergroup.org 

Mark M Technology Committee Chair


The mission of the Technology Committee mirrors that of OIAA itself: to assist online A.A. groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.  The committee utilizes technical skills, experience, and expertise to help fulfill and deliver OIAA’s stated purpose to: 

  • Provide a central source of information about online A.A. through its website, its online meeting directory, and the activities of its members.
  • Respond to the needs of online A.A groups and members.
  • Use the internet and associated existing and emerging technologies to carry the message.
  • Promote AA Unity.

The Technology Committee’s primary purpose is to provide, support, maintain, secure, and enhance the essential Information Technology needs of the Intergroup, including the OIAA Website, the OIAA Meeting Directory, electronic communications (including email, video conferencing, electronic voting and surveys), and file sharing and collaboration. 

OIAA Technology Committee 2024 Highlights:

  • Website Launch June 15, 2023
    • Minimal outages
    • Performance/Functionality
    • Meeting Directory enhancements
      • 1,720 new meetings added
  • Operating under budget:
    • Conversion of Google Workspace Account to NonProfit
    • OIAA Zoom Account upgrade
    • Professional Web Services- Rotation Jan-Mar
    • Special Projects ($10K): first project underway
  • Membership/Registrar system: 
    • requirements/analysis- Registrar/PAC 
    • buy/build? Subscribe
    • Membership management plus Event Mgmt or Ticketing
  • International Convention: Opened Registration June 1
  • July 27th Service Expo 


Web Services 

Created and maintains the interactive for groups and members to get involved

  • Member stories
  • Group Reports
  • Committee Updates
  • Board Reports
  • Group Events
  • IGR Management form for groups


  • Integrated database functionality for meeting directory
  • explored automation for group management


  • Further developed Relationship with Code 4 Recovery
  • Connected with TIAA – Explored possibilities to collaborate – potentially around forum opportunities etc


The Cloud Admin Team was involved in OIAA’s transition from a paid Google Workspace account to a no-cost Google for Nonprofits Workspace account (G-Suite) set of collaboration tools.  Some of our initiatives:

  • Gmail- We now have an unlimited number of email accounts under our “aa-intergroup.org domain. We have over 40 users. Microsoft Nonprofits initiative only offers 10 free accounts.
  • Groups: Actively managing 46 various committee and OIAA distribution lists and ticketing systems.
  • Calendar- We are working to embed a master Google Calendar on our website to replace the WordPress calendar which requires a single point of contact to update events.  This will allow committee/team leads  to update their own events at will.  
  • Google Drive: actively managing over 17 OIAA shared drives.
  • Google Meet: Abandoned by committees, still available as a great tool for instant meetings/shared screen.
  • Google Productivity Training and Support: Docs (Word Processing);Sheets (Spreadsheets); Slides (Think Powerpoint); Chat.(Chat/Spaces for team/committee activities and task tracking)  

The Cloud Admin Team is currently working with the Communications Committee to develop some training videos.


Member Services

Member Services consists of the following subcommittees:


Mary M


  • Received and responded to 818 emails
  • Processed and 148 new members
  • Forwarded 70 requests to the 12 Step Committee for immediate action
  • Compiled and submitted membership lists for 4 Assemblies
  • Researched numerous requests for historical listing or membership information 
  • Attended 20 Technology Committee Meetings


Katy F – Chair


OIAA TechSteppers Mission Statement: To provide support to OIAA directory meetings and their attendees for online security and account settings.

  • 150 TechStepper requests since March 2023. A mix of individuals and groups.
  • 14 TechSteppers
  • Quarterly Safety Workshops


Meeting Directory Team

  • 4 team members cover 7 days a week
  • Over 1,700 new meetings entered
  • Over Meeting update requests

Zoom Events Team

  • Managed and administered every OIAA Assembly, Forum and Workshop
  • Volunteer team of up to 20 members
  • Rotation of service and roles


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