Update For Policy-and-admissions – Jun 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for PAC - Policies & Admissions Committee - Jun 2024

Policy & Admissions Committee (PAC) Yearly Report

OIAA Assembly June 15, 2024

Warm greetings, Assembly!

The Policy and Admissions Committee (PAC) plays a vital role in assisting new groups with registering to list A.A. meetings/groups on the OIAA meeting directory. PAC also reviews all new meeting submission forms for compliance with form completion, directory listing guidelines, and retains meeting/group Traditions statements.

Here are our main numbers for the past year, from April 2023 to May 31, 2024:

– 1,159 new meeting forms processed

– 538 new meetings/groups listed

– 124 new IGRs to OIAA (23% of yearly listings)

Most new listings are for single meetings, followed by groups that list daily meetings. We enjoy receiving feedback from meetings/groups that welcome new members and thrive with their involvement in OIAA. On the other hand, we understand that some meetings/groups face issues with vile disruptors, leading them to remove their listing after the first meeting. We appreciate those who use the OIAA TechSteppers service, which provides the confidence, knowledge, and tools to create a safe and effective space for recovery.

PAC also works to resolve complaints. OIAA’s overarching purpose is to serve both AA members at large and our listed meetings/groups. The two main issues that members contact PAC about are:

  1. Being removed from a meeting without apparent cause or reason.
  2. Newcomers not knowing how to obtain proof of attendance.

For example, this week a newcomer tried to raise their hand to be included in the sobriety day count at the start of the meeting. They raised and lowered the virtual hand a few times and were quickly removed. Raising and lowering hands can be a signal for disruptors, but it can also indicate a new member unfamiliar with Zoom controls. Most meetings that offer proof of attendance include instructions in the chat, but many newcomers are unaware of this. It can be helpful to announce at different points during the meeting how to obtain proof of attendance. Repeated communication will simplify this process for everyone

You can include any relevant information in your meeting description, such as camera policies, meeting format or instructions for obtaining proof of attendance. To make changes to your listing or to remove your listing, please use the Update link found on the OIAA homepage under ONLINE MEETINGS on the drop-down list: https://aa-intergroup.org/meeting-directory-updates/

A huge thank you to our Directory Listing Tech team, who do an amazing job of turning the wheels of service!

It is a pleasure to serve you, Assembly, and a joy to witness all of you going from strength to strength in carrying the message. Let’s keep at it!

Thank you for allowing me to serve.

Respectfully submitted,



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