Update For Cooperation-with-the-professional-community – Jun 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Agenda for CPC - Co-operation with Professionals Meeting - 24 Jun 2024

CPC Committee Meeting, June 24th, 2024

6:300-7:30 PM Eastern/3:30-4:30 Pacific

Zoom ID: 837 4412 9366 Passcode:  CPC


Agenda and Meeting Notes:


Opening:         Called to order at 3:31 Pacific Time

Serenity Prayer


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda review:

Old Business:

  • Corrections update –
    • GSO Corrections desk responded to my request for information and attached a Box 4-5-9 with an article about online meetings at corrections facilities.
    • This was forwarded to Jim (meeting guest last month). He expressed appreciation for our support.
    • Completed/closed item of business at this point.
  • Committee Tools –
    • CPC Kit is available at aa.org – use the link below
    • https://www.aa.org/sites/default/files/literature/m-41i_CPCWorkbook.pdf
    • Suggestions on getting started page 12

New Business:

  • Assembly Follow-up
    • Volunteer Pipeline – volunteers need roles – nothing worse than joining a committee and not having anything to do.
  • CPC presentations requested (online or in person) from Nursing Instructor in Connecticut.
    • Reached out to CPC committee in local area and have received confirmation they should be able to do it. Next steps to officially pass on with a confirming email.
    • Desire to establish a template for email communication with outside “friends of AA” with a couple of links to key literature and to sign up for About AA, the newsletter from the General Service Office for professionals who work with alcoholics. https://www.aa.org/about-aa.
  • July 20th: Combined Board/Committee Chair Meeting
    • Confirm attendance – Gwen and Sharon are both available. Gwen will collaborate with Sharon to prepare the quarterly report in advance.
  • July 22nd: CPC Committee Meeting –
    • Agenda for the July meeting is to finalize details for Service Expo
  • July 27th: OIAA Service Expo
    • From tech: The concept is that each OIAA Service Committee will have representatives present to stand behind their committees’ “expo booth” to meet and greet visitors, pass out brochures and tchotchkes, talk to them about your committee, and hopefully come away with a few new members…where your “expo booth” is translated as a zoom break out room. Perhaps the main room will hold our interpreters, if needed, can escort any attendees to your booth.  Attendees will be able to move about the break out rooms as they please.  Maybe they’ll be getting cards punched at each stop so they can claim a prize?  To make this successful, need two key things- representation from every committee and a big number of zoom participants.
    • Confirmed CPC booth (break-out room) staffing: Sharon G and Jeff B
    • Booth Set-up: A virtual backdrop with the committee name and purpose incorporated into the graphic on the backdrop would be so cool. Would Lesliee, Communications Chair want to produce a backdrop which could be used as a template by all committees for a consistent look across all service committees?
    • Jeff and Sharon will prepare key talking points to share with attendees. In lieu of having another meeting it was suggested this be completed via email.
    • Let’s have fun – a game? Jeff B offered to create a CPC Word Search and send over prior to the next meeting for review. Might not be able to complete while in session but useful as a –
    • Guest take-away: Goal is to produce a one pager which can be pasted into the chat so all participants are able to receive a take-away.  Below the word search we hope to incorporate links to key CPC literature available at aa.org and the details of when we meet as a committee and how to contact us.
  • Future meetings- sharing sessions from CPC committees across the globe.
    • With funding now for translations it is incumbent upon us to spend the money we’ve been entrusted with. All present endorsed the idea of inviting CPC guests to our monthly meeting to showcase how they do CPC service in their country/area.
    • Gwen to respond to the Portuguese oral surgeon and invite to upcoming meeting.
    • CPC in Mexico was a focus of Flor’s service to AA – she might be someone to invite.
    • Looking to have enough guests visit our meetings by end of year so we use the funding which has been requested.

Committee Structure & Operations

  • Universal Questions for Committees – made some progress on the questions.

Closing:           Adjourned at 4:35 PM Pacific Time

  • Responsibility Statement

Gwen: Who is responsible?

All:  I am responsible when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help I want the hand of AA always to be there, and for that I am responsible.

Please save the date for our next meeting Monday, July 22, 2024.


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