Update For Conventions – Jun 2024 – Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Report for Conventions Committee - Jun 2024

Convention Committee Annual Report to the Membership
15 June 2024

The OIAA Standing Convention Committee focuses on the International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The Convention is held every 5 years at various locations and OIAA is represented by hosting a Hospitality Suite for attendees. This may be the first introduction of OIAA to the attendees or provides fellowship to those current members of OIAA attending the convention.  This committee may also choose to host an event such as a Founders Day celebration as determined by the committee and the membership.

This committee meets via Zoom on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 2:15 pm ET.  We will not be holding a meeting in June on Father’s Day, so your next meeting will be 21 July 24, Zoom ID: 896 6153 1454, Code: Convention.

This committee is currently seeking a chair.  Per their board approved charter, the Convention Committee Chair schedules and leads committee meetings as needed; coordinates the hospitality room for the International in-person Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous; collaborates with the committee and OIAA treasurer to manages and stay within the accrued budget; provides updates on the OIAA Website and  attends OIAA Committee Chair Committee meetings. Five  years of sobriety is preferred for this position as is the ability to share delegated responsibilities and follow-up skills.  Understanding and experience of working with cultural diversity as well as previous conference hospitality experience  are a plus.

The Committee is currently led by Jan BB as alt-chair.  She also chairs our Policy and Admission Committee and cannot, per our bylaws, chair two committees.  She has considerable past Convention Committee experience and has our plans well in hand.  To date, we have coordinated requests for a hospitality suite with the desk in charge at the GSO.  We have designed pins for the event, procured a vendor and budget for them.  We have plans for the use of QR Codes on banners and business cards in lieu of fliers.  We are discussing podcasts and looping our OIAA YouTube Videos broadcast on a large screen on a pole.   We are coordinating the use of these materials with the Communications Committee.  Our Communications Alt Chair for Video Production has joined the team, as have our OIAA Treasurer, Secretary, who has additional International AA Convention Experience, and I, your OIAA chair.

Come and join us!!  You can participate in 12-step service work without a commitment to go to Vancouver.  Get your feet wet in service.  Be part of our service team, our “we.” Service facilitates recovery!

Humbly Submitted,

Susan R.,

OIAA Chair

For more information Contact chair@aa-intergroup.org, or Jan BB,  pac.chair@aa-intergroup.org.

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